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All bets are accepted in accordance with the William Hill Betting Rules , as published on this site. Over 10 - Pakistan Babar 1, Hafeez 1 - Target That's a beauty from Morkel, the ball angling in before moving away from Babar Azam off the seam - he is looking unplayable at the moment. There was a loud but rather optimistic appeal for caught behind from Tahir and De Kock as Babar drove at a wide ball and hit the ground. Azhar c Tahir b Morkel 9 - Pakistan Oh dear, oh dear. Pakistan recent matches

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William Hill Products Skip to main content. William Hill Sports Betting Skip to main content. In-Play information subject to delay click here for full Live In-Play betting rules. View all our Live In-Play Events. The opener now has just 64 runs from his last eight ODI innings'. His Surrey teammate Kumar Sangakkara says Roy just needs to rediscover the basics Read the full article here. Update from Edgbaston is that sadly there is no update. The covers are still on. We'll keep you posted with any news, hopefully some more positive in nature Given we've got some time to fill, let's take a look at that Joe Root demo we ran during yesterday's England game Angelo Mathews is hoping his side's status as 'underdogs' can work to their advantage.

Click here for the full article. So, sadly the rain is currently intervening once again in this Champions Trophy tournament, but there's still plenty of great action to come hopefully, weather permitting this week on Sky Sports Here's how Group B looks currently, though a win for Pakistan could blow the whole thing wide open!

So, just to confirm, Pakistan are currently 19 runs ahead on Duckworth-Lewis-Smith, so will win this Group B game if no further play is possible. Over 27 — Pakistan Babar 31, Malik 16 The rain getting heavier and heavier, much like the Pakistan run-scoring of the last few overs.

Pakistan 19 runs ahead as things stand on DLS. Over 26 — Pakistan Babar 27, Malik 15 Even Morkel proving expensive now as his latest goes for nine — the short-ball tactic proving a little predictable now perhaps?

Malik and Babar both get underneath some short offerings outside off and flay them over for a pair of fours. Pakistan 17 runs ahead on DLS right now as sadly there is a smattering of rain at Edgbaston. His first is cut emphatically over point before he then fires a thickish outside edge down to third man. Over 24 — Pakistan Babar 23, Malik 1 This truly has been a stunning performance from Morkel today — win, lose or draw for South Africa — as he now has from six overs.

A window of opportunity again for the Proteas. Over 23 — Pakistan Babar 23, Hafeez 26 Pakistan are certainly targeting Parnell here, with Hafeez and Babar both crunching short-wide offerings through cover but, unfortunately for them, picking out the sweeper in the deep. When Babar gets a shorter one later in the over, he finally pierces the gap and gets four away.

After block, nudging and nurdling his way through the last 14 overs, Hafeez is down the track and pumps Tahir back over his head for six! Over 21 - Pakistan Babar 17, Hafeez 17 - Target Parnell on for a second spell and Hafeez drives him stylishly through the covers for two.

Another wider delivery entices Hafeez into another drive - play and a miss. And again to end the over. The issue appeared to be an inside edge and once replays show it was pad first, Babar looks in real trouble. The ball hit in line but remarkable DRS shows it was going over the top.

Over 19 - Pakistan Babar 16, Hafeez 13 - Target Babar bunts a short ball over the legside, getting just enough on it to clear the infield, to add two to the total and after a single to third man, Hafeez gives himself room and drives through point.

No, just three as Tahir cuts it off. Now we have a boundary! Babar hooking one down to fine leg for four. Sadly, just as we have a bit of excitement, the rain starts to fall. The groundstaff are starting to move but we're staying on for now. Over 18 - Pakistan Babar 9, Hafeez 10 - Target Slow going from Pakistan, Tahir's latest over goes for just one - pushed to deep cover by Babar. There was a loud but rather optimistic appeal for caught behind from Tahir and De Kock as Babar drove at a wide ball and hit the ground.

The umpire is unmoved. Over 17 - Pakistan Babar 8, Hafeez 10 - Target Good start from Morris after drinks, finding Babar's outside edge - the ball landing short of slip - before a cross-seam delivery forces a play and miss.

A single down to third man gets Hafeez on strike but more dots follow. Not the same problems with bounce to cope with but it is still just singles available to Pakistan, three of them in the over. Will they show a bit more aggression after drinks? Over 15 - Pakistan Babar 5, Hafeez 9 - Target Just two from Morris' latest as Babar and Hafeez remain watchful in attempting to see Pakistan through this tricky period.

It looks like we're going to have a bit of spin now Over 14 - Pakistan Babar 4, Hafeez 8 - Target Morkel continues this brilliant spell and beats Babar Azam for pace with a bouncer that the batsman tried to pull.

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Pakistan vs South Africa match prediction, preview, and betting odds. South Africa favoured to pile the misery on Pakistan Wednesday 7 June Bet on Cricket at William Hill, UK s top bookmaker With the best online Cricket bets odds, William Hill is the place for Cricket betting now! Best Pakistan vs Hong Kong betting odds from all possible betting markets. Compare offers from the trusted sportsbooks, choose from best Pakistan vs Hong Kong bets, use our expert predictions and betting tips to help you make the right decision. South Africa.

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