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What is the best bet for football? They provide detailed predictions based upon previous matches between the 2 teams, home and away form and current standings of the teams in the league. In my opinion this is the only viable route to success when following any proven system designed for football betting. Hey guys Our sister lay bets tipping service, Lay Bet Winners is having another awesome month. A simple betting system with just one criterion!

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What is the best bet for football? As a result of the worldwide web any typical person is presented with the real prospect to use a football betting system and make some real profit, in pretty much exactly the same method as the average everyday bookie has always done and continues to do so every single day of the week.

This has now become a reality, by making full and profitable use of exchange betting, on the most popular websites that truly cater for lay betting , such as Betfair and Betdaq, these being the main ones. Of course, they need to be combined together with the help of a proven football betting system that really works. Not just proven results and statistics applied over the short-term, we are talking rock solid profit and results spanning multiple years.

Following the immense success and popularity of the infamous betting exchanges such as Betfair, has seen a huge increase in a whole variety of new betting systems and techniques that can be applied to just about any proven football betting strategy or system that can really help the everyday bettor achieve their long-term profitability goals. Whilst making money from betting can be extremely exciting as well as profitable, it is also important to follow and adhere to proper betting system money management , this is crucial to the overall success of any football betting system that you decide to follow.

In his most famous work - " Book of Calculation" Fibonacci uses the Hindu-Arabic numeral system as an example. This number sequence was later named after him "Fibonacci numbers" , but this is not actually his discovery.

Fibonacci learned of this sequence in the countries in the East and popularized it. The Fibonacci numbers are in their nature a series of numbers, each of which is obtained as the sum of the previous two.

Jean-Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert was a French mathematician, physicist and philosopher. So, we decided to include this betting strategy, named after this great mathematician. Considered by many a good and successful betting strategy, the Martingale has put a lot of people into a rather uncomfortable position. The forebet team believes that the Martingale strategy is misunderstood and it is not advisable to use it. If you follow this strategy you will have to double your bet after every loss so that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit equal to the original stake.

After the first winning bet you continue with bets equal to the last one. A bet has a "value" if you think that the bookmakers odds are set at a level, at which the reward outweighs the risk. To check whether a bet has a "value" you must do the following:. Therefore, the bookies are undervaluing the chances of a Newcastle win and this is a great opportunity for the online punter to place a bet. This value betting system takes a lot of time to compare prices offered by the bookies and statistical predictions, but it offers a huge opportunity for the punter to beat the bookie by removing the edge that the bookie has in a game where the odds do not support the statistics.

There is a significant chance of losing bets using this system, but the point is not the have a high strike rate of wins, instead we are looking for a high profit rate. In other words, although you may not win all your matches, because you have such good value in the odds offered, you will make a profit in the long run. As with all football betting systems, it is important to stay focused and objective with your bets and the rewards will become evident after a while.

Before any real money is risked at a bookie, it is very sensible for a punter to test out the system for a while on paper before actually taking the plunge. Keep a record of how you do after each game and then after 20 or so games, you will have an idea about whether or not these football betting systems are for you or not.

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