How to stripe your iron shots just the way Boo does

To hit irons solidly, which is the key to distance control, you need to hit down and compress the ball between the ground and the face of the club. The same is true when talking about chip or pitch shots. If the fade comes off perfectly, you should end up right next to the target. Share this Page

How to Hit Your 7 Iron 30 Yards Longer – INSTANTLY!

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Sundays like this are how majors earn their distinction. It was an exclamation point for what had been a long road back to the PGA Tour. His two-year mandatory stint in the South Korean army came just as Bae was finding his place on Tour and when he returned this season he struggled, missing 11 of 17 cuts.

But his victory in Boise vaulted Bae back to the big leagues with the confidence he had when his young career was sidetracked in Bae returned to the PGA Tour this season after two years of mandatory military service in South Korea, but lost his card with a nd-place finish in the FedEx Cup standings. The series features the top 75 players from the Web. Albertson and the other top finishers on the Web.

The other players are fighting for 25 cards based on series earnings. Here are the standings through Week 3 of four. Fighting a back injury, Broadhurst rebounded from a bogey on the par-3 11th with birdies on the par-4 12th and par-5 13th and made a foot birdie putt on the par-4 18th.

Back home last week, and pulled a muscle in my back. The physio has done a great job out here this week to get me fit. Full-field scores from the Ally Challenge. It was in spells. And the rhythm was getting quicker and quicker. But that goes with the pressure of leading the tournament, I'm sure. Jobe birdied five of the first six holes on the back nine in a Tom Lehman bogeyed the 18th for a 70 to drop into a tie for third with Mark O'Meara 69 at 13 under. The winner two weeks ago in Canada, McCarron dropped four strokes on the final two holes on the front nine, making a bogey on the par-3 eighth and a triple bogey on the par-4 ninth.

Maggert shot a 72 to tie for eighth at 10 under. Golf Channel's video library has over tips, analyze your swing and take a lesson from instructors. So what are some things you can do to improve your iron play? Stanford wins Evian after Olson 3-putts. Small-town Olson on verge of big-time victory at Evian. Say bye-bye to 'bye' week. Get your fundamentals down perfectly. The more consistent you can be with your stance and posture prior to starting your swing, the easier it will be to achieve predictable results.

It all starts with a good stance. The golf stance for irons is similar to the stance you will use for your driver, except it should be a little more upright to accommodate the swing you are trying to make.

To facilitate that upright swing, you want to take a stance that is slightly closer to the golf ball and has your back in a relatively upright position. If you find that you are hunched over your iron shots too much, try taking a small step closer to the ball and adding some flex in your knees.

Those two slight adjustments should be all it takes to put you in a better golf stance for irons. Hand position is another important element of hitting iron shots, although it is frequently overlooked.

First, understand that when you reach impact, you need to have your hands in front of the ball closer to the target. This provides you with the ability to make downward impact, which is key to hitting solid shots and getting some backspin on the ball. With that in mind, make sure your hands at address are slightly ahead of the ball — just like you want them to be at impact.

By setting up this way before you ever start your swing, you will stand a much better chance of returning to this position later on. The last of the basics that you should focus on prior to getting your swing started is the position of your back knee right knee for a right handed golfer.

This knee is important to your golf iron swing because it has a lot to do with the balance you are able to maintain during the swing. When that trail knee is allowed to sway back away from the target, it can take a lot of your balance with it.

Make an effort to keep that knee as stable as possible — while still making a full turn — and you will quickly see the quality of your iron shots improve. Side to side motion in a golf swing is never a good thing, so try anchoring your swing around a steady back knee.

Iron Shots, The Moment of Truth. For all of the planning and practice that goes into making a good swing, the club only actually touches the ball for a fraction of a second. Of course, since it is doing so at high speed, you have to have everything just right at impact in order to achieve a quality ball flight. If you should have even one or two minor details out of place when the club hits the ball, you will end up with a shot that falls short of your expectations.

There are a number of elements which come together to make a good impact position for golf iron shots. If you are able to meet all of these points, you should be left with a golf shot that finishes close to your target.

If you want to get a good look at your impact position, consider either taking a golf lesson or having someone record your swing on video so you can pause the recording and see for yourself how you are doing. Taking the time to fix all of the various parts of your impact position might seem like a lot of work, but the reward could be the best iron shots you have ever hit. Creating Variety in Your Iron Game. Your first objective when working on your iron game should be to simply develop your ability to make solid contact, and hit a repeatable ball flight shot after shot.

However, if you wish to take your game to another level and lower your scores even further, you will want to develop your ability to craft a variety of different ball flights depending on the shot you are facing. To access that hole location and give yourself a chance at birdie, you want to have the ability to hit a draw to match the layout of the hole you are facing.

The first thing that you need to understand about shot shaping is that the ball is going to head in the direction that the club face is pointing. Many of the golf tips irons players use fail to point out the importance of the position of the clubface at impact. When you are thinking about controlling the club face to generate a certain ball flight, remember that everything is in reference to the path that the club is swinging on.

So, to make the ball draw to the left again, for RH golfer , you will need to swing through impact with the club face pointing to the left as compared to the swing path. If the face is pointing to the right at impact, a fade or slice is the likely result.

If you hope to gain control over your ball flights with your iron game, controlling the club face is your first job. So what shots should you work on hitting with your irons? There are three shots that you should be able to call on when you need them to conquer almost all of the challenges you will face in your iron game.

Being able to hit a punch shot with your irons should be a required skill for any serious golfer. A punch shot is simply a low iron shot that is usually hit with less than a full swing.

This is a handy shot to be able to hit because it can help you keep the ball out of the wind, make it easier to bounce the ball to a back hole location, and more. To play this shot, start by choking down on the grip of the club and moving the ball position back in your stance. Ideally, you will be able to hit the ball high while curving it in both directions.

This is important because a high shot will usually stop quicker, meaning you can attack more hole locations without risking your ball bouncing off the green and into trouble. Without a doubt, this is going to be your biggest challenge within the iron game — most players can hit a high iron shot in one direction, but it takes skill and practice to be able to turn it both ways.

However, if you can put in the practice time to make it happen, your game will improve dramatically as a result. Above all else, you should have one iron shot that you know you can count on when you need it most. This is the ball flight that you go to when you are nervous, or are facing a particularly difficult shot.

It might not be the perfect choice for the hole in front of you, but it is the one you are most confident in. Having this security blanket will give you a shot to pick when you are unsure of what your best option might be. One of the best things you can do for your iron game is simply to experiment on the practice tee.

You will quickly find that some are easier for you to hit than others. As you gain experience, you should be able to add more and more shots to your repertoire. Once you gain confidence in those new shots, it will be time to try them out for real. Iron Shots, Taking It to the Course. With all of the hard work behind you, it is time to take your newfound iron game and head out onto the golf course.

It is one thing to be able to hit some pretty looking iron shots on the practice tee, but it is another thing altogether to be able to reproduce them when it counts. Only when you are able to count on your iron shots to perform under pressure will you know that you have truly changed your game.

The big key when it comes to using your iron game on the golf course is picking the right shot for the right situation.

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When you want to boom a towering approach shot, Leaderboard. makes the ball rise. These tips should help take your iron game to new heights. Bob Atkins. Hit the ball with your 7-iron. Here are Five Fundamentals of Iron Play that you need to know and practice. Here’s one of our all-time favorite tips: Hit an iron shot and purposely hold your finish. Then, retrace your swing in reverse, all the way through the downswing, to the top position, the takeaway and back to the address position. Get the latest news and tips. Boo Weekley is one of the best iron players on the PGA Tour, as he showed in winning at Colonial on Sunday. How can you be a better iron player? Tips For Hitting Better Iron Shots | Golf Channel.

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