32 Attacking Drills

If someone, a coach or a teammate, makes a suggestion, listen openly and try to integrate new ideas into your practice routine. One standing on each side of the court. Also, identify the setter as front row or back row to know if the setter can legally attack the second ball. This will give that outside hand a little better angle for blocking the ball into the court and not out of bounds. Other Volleyball Drills for Beginners - How to practice volleyball setting skills?

Volleyball Drills For Beginners - More Volleyball Games

Toss and Pass

Toss the ball up, take a step, and try to hit a spot on the wall. Toss the ball up, bring your arms up in the air, and then swing as if you were an attacker.

You can angle your hit so the ball bounces off the ground then wall so it will rebound right back to you for another repetition. Benefits Hitting against a wall is a great way to work on armswing. This volleyball drill is also great because you can do it by yourself. The purpose of wall blocks is to train players to block without brushing the net with their arms on the way down after a block.

Players are basically performing block jumps in front of a wall. Start by standing in front of a wall in a blocking position. The players then jump up and touch as high as they can on the wall using good blocking form.

The players then come back down to the ground and land in blocking position. Benefits The idea is to be able to perform the block jump without scraping your arms against the wall. This will be an incentive to perform the block jump with good technique. It's important for beginning players to realize there is a lot they can do on their own to make themselves a better player. Have two players set back and forth to each other over the net.

Download 34 Setting Drills Today! Have players get into 2 lines facing one another. The players at the front of each line pass the ball. The games you can make up are unlimited. You could form two-player teams, if you have many people in the team and only one court. You could also have extra players waiting their turn to sub in. You could sub a player in after each rally, or when a team loses a rally.

These drills are extremely tough since players have to move fast and the rallies are long. Players are more than happy to rest after a long rally. If the players are very skilled and are able to move fast, you should make the court bigger, 15X30 the half court , even for one-player teams.

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This website does not warrant any company, product or service contained herein. Only do this on the first team contact because on the second and third contact, multiple contacts are illegal. On balls that come right over the net or fall to you pretty slowly, it may be easiest to just take the ball like you normally would with your hands your normal setting motion. Get Instant Access to my Setting Drills. Volleyball techniques for the approach consist of 3 or 4 foot steps.

The 3 step approach would be, left-right-left for right handed attackers, right-left-right for left handed attackers. Your last two steps are the ones that matter the most. First concentrate on learning the last two before working on 3 or 4 step approaches.

Get Instant Access to my Attack Drills. Really focus on stepping quickly especially the last couple in order to maximize your jump height. Swing your arms back. By swinging your arms back you will take advantage of elastic energy and your nervous systems stretch reflex which can add inches to your vertical. Bring both your arms up. By bring both your arms up you will continue with the momentum of going up which will help maximizing your height.

Also, you will be in a better body position to hit. Contact the ball in front of your hitting shoulder. This develops a consistent armswing. Volleyball techniques of a hitters footwork jumping from the correct spot have a big influence on you hitting the ball in your sweet spot. Put top-spin on the ball. Being able to put top-spin on the ball when you hit allows you to have better angles when hitting, thus more court to hit into.

Having good court vision involves making good judgments while watching the setter, the ball, and hitters. The better you are able to judge where the ball is being passed, the better you can predict what the setter is going to do with it. Get Instant Acces to my Block Drills. Identify the front row players. All the blockers should know who the front row players are before the serve. Also, identify the setter as front row or back row to know if the setter can legally attack the second ball.

The volleyball techniques shuffle and crossover step are used to move into optimal blocking position. The shuffle technique is probably easiest because the hips stay square to the net. The crossover is harder because you turn your hips during the movement and you need to get squared back up to the net before you jump.

The crossover is better for when you have to travel far to get in position to block because you can get there faster than shuffling. Wide fingers and thumbs up when blocking. Keep the fingers spread wide and tight and thumbs pointing up to prevent jamming your fingers.

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5 Tips for the Beginning Beach Volleyball Player By Shannon Fiack Bored with lying on a towel reading the latest edition of US Weekly as you douse yourself with sunscreen? Beginner volleyball drills are good not only for players are new to volleyball, but also players that want to sharpen playing skills. Fun, ability to focus. Volleyball slide tips and techniques for spiking. Tips hitting slides, approaches, and blocking the slide. Read More. Tips for these Volleyball Drills for Beginners Use two-player teams - if you only have only one volleyball court in use. You could form two-player teams, if you have many people in the team and only one court.

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