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SF at home by 1. Redirected from NFL draft. Dylan Chappine - White Wolf Sports. Bradford took the majority of snaps for Philadelphia in , so the fourth-round pick was returned to Los Angeles. Popular Sports

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The program is updated again mid-week when the new team efficiency ratings are available from Advanced NFL Stats , at which time the blog with the latest predictions is also updated.

I've seen it hundreds of times. You are running an old version of the Java Runtime Environment. Why not take a few minutes and update to version 6 now? Then you will be able to run the software. You can do so by clicking the button below. Or, check out the latest predictions. Make accurate forecasts of the odds of your favorite team making the playoffs at any point in the season.

Analyze team specific senarios. Get preseason predictions as well as updated predictions every week of the NFL season. The full license agreement is provided with the software. The bars run left to right from seed 16 to seed 1. The top six seeds make the playoffs and are colored blue on the graph. The probabilities are based on a 5, round monte carlo simulation of the regular season. These will be updated daily with the latest game results and point spreads.

This is due to Seattle being in the same division as the 3 ranked team, the 49ers the top 4 seeds are reserved for the division winners. Here is San Francisco's corresponding seed probabilities: To the left of each bar graph is a percentage, which represents a team's probability of making the playoffs.

They are ranked below the Seahawks, but have better playoffs odds due to a weaker schedule. There are two columns to the far right of the table: These columns are the average GPF Generic Points Favored of a team's past and future opponents, respectively home field advantage is factored into the averages.

The team with the toughest schedule this season is the Arizona Cardinals, who get to face the Seahawks and 49ers twice, as well as matchups against top tier teams like the Broncos and Eagles.

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66 rows · Football ratings, NFL, NCAA Football Basketball Baseball Computer ratings predictions. Apr 26,  · The NFL draft is being held in the Lone Star State for the first time ever, as the Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, is playing host to the event. The first round will take place. The Kiper & McShay NFL draft guide to the college football season. Which NFL prospects should you be watching this season (and when)? Mel and Todd give their preseason primer for the draft.

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