Soccer Betting Win, Lose or Tie Odds Explained

Serie C - Group C 4. K League 1 6. The goal total sets a total goal number for a given match. Division 3 - Group 5 2. The idea behind this is to increase the bettor's chances of winning a wager. Sports Betting Odds 101

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Fractional odds can also be referred to as British Odds, UK Odds, or Traditional Odds, and quote the net total that will be paid out to the bettor — should they win — relative to their stake. Almost all online sportsbooks will offer the option of displaying their odds in the decimal format, which is sometimes known as European Odds in the UK.

With decimal odds, the figure quoted is the exact amount that will be paid out if the bet is a winner. Decimal odds are essentially equivalent to the decimal value of the fractional odds, plus one. Armed with the above knowledge, you should now have a pretty good idea of how to read sports lines. Think of it as a quick reference guide to sports betting for dummies! You can see below how to do this manually:.

Offering odds that are much better for players than Vegas odds and those listed elsewhere will certainly attract more gamblers, but it can be absolutely disastrous for gambling venues if things go wrong, i.

An odds converter or odds calculator is essential if you are betting on more than one sport at once and, as we already know, almost all internet sportsbooks in let you do just that. Perms, parlays, or accumulators allow sports gamblers to mix and match several games and results onto one betting slip.

But before you place the bet, using an odds payout calculator is essential to make sure you get the right price. With so much difference between the odds-on markets at different gambling sites, using a sports betting calculator is even more important.

We all know that online gambling is a great way to make a little or maybe a lot! Or are the odds stacked against you…? Give it a try! We've put together this fun little quiz to test your American odds skills. Well, it looks like you have some of the basics down but you could still do with brushing up on how odds work before you start placing any big bets. Or maybe you just got tripped up by that genius Julius American answer! Aha, it looks like you were paying attention after all.

This actually translates to 1. Because of the fact that there are many international leagues in the sport of soccer, we can see plenty of futures odds to win different tournaments. The biggest futures line that is formed is the World Cup. It's the biggest tournament in the world, and warrants plenty of betting attention. World Cup odds can be formed as far out as four years in advance, shortly following the end of the previous World Cup.

It's not all about the World Cup though, as there are many others that can be seen. Futures wagers are some of the highest payouts for those betting on soccer. This is the chance to get in on action for a favorable payout to you as well, with plenty of time to research and consider your options.

The opportunity to place live wagers on soccer games is a prevalent as it's ever been. There is plenty of betting action available through live wagering.

It largely depends on the outcome of a game. It can be things on a large scale such as different moneyline or spreads. Or it can come down to a single play such as a penalty kick. And if there is a shootout at the end of a soccer game, action can get really intense.

Not only can wagers be made on the winner of the shootout, but at sportsbooks that are on top of their live betting odds can be formed as quickly as picking individual shooters in that shootout to make a goal or miss the goal.

That's some pretty exciting stuff. Asian handicapping takes away the possibility of a draw in the outcome of a wager. When most game lines are formed, there is the option of a draw that is formed. However Asian handicapping takes away this variable, and forms the spread accordingly with the favorite and underdog, with the only two outcomes for either one to cover. The idea behind this is to increase the bettor's chances of winning a wager.

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Please contact your system administrator to enable the account. To first understand what betting odds are, we have to first understand the concept of chance. Let's roll a dice. How is this calculated? There are three basic steps to converting odds 1. Typically, there are three kinds of odds you will come across in the sports betting landscape. Converting "Decimal Odds" "Decimal Odds" are a simple reflection of the return you will receive for each single unit placed.

To convert these odds to their respective implied probabilities we make a simple calculation. Converting "Decimal Odds" to implied probability formula: Converting fractional odds into implied probability formula: Converting 'minus' moneyline odds into implied probability formula: Converting 'plus' moneyline odds into implied probability formula:

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Soccer Betting Odds Explained. More people visit us here at to learn how to read soccer betting odds then any of the other sports. Even though Americans think soccer sucks, the rest of the world loves it more then any other sports. In this article, we will be explaining how to bet on soccer. We’ll explain the numerous methods to bet on soccer and the terminology commonly used. Soccer is a widely-bet sport worldwide and there are a number of different ways to bet an individual game. Betting the 3-way Moneyline: In soccer. Betting Odds Explained - Understanding Odds Knowing how to convert betting odds can be very helpful. In fact, if you don't know how to convert betting odds into their respective implied probabilities, you're not helping your chances of coming away as a long term winner in the competitive world of sports betting.

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