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However, to play one touch you will need to think fast and know what to do with the ball before you receive it. The size of this depends on the player's age. The position of opposing strikers. Welcome to PlaySportsTV!

Defensive Footwork

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And to better equip yourself and your teammates to make the right choices in such situations, you need opposition prep…. And as an individual, too, you need to constantly vary your game to surprise your opponent and win your individual battles. For example, you can use a tag-team-approach against physically imposing strikers who like to receive and turn inside your box. Sometimes, though, you might have to play against teams or players you know little about. And in those situations you will have to learn on your feet - and fast.

With that in mind, make sure you train in a variety of techniques and moves to be able to deal with different kinds of attacking players. Practice those scenarios repeatedly, and improve your responsiveness and passing accuracy in tight situations.

Like we said before, most of the defensive game is about tactical positioning to gain an edge over the attackers. You can work on your positioning and reading of the game through simulations and studying the moves of great defenders. Training together regularly and going through drills of different scenarios is essential for team defense. Defending in soccer is an art that can be just as entertaining to watch as free-flowing attacking soccer.

These six soccer defense tips will help you to think about your role in the team, and help hone your skills as a defender to come out on top in almost any situation. And like we said before, improving as a defensive unit frees up your potential in other areas of the game. By raising your defensive game, you give yourself and your team a heightened sense of security to attack and be confident all over the pitch.

Sign up to our soccer coaching newsletter and we'll send you a quick email each time we publish a new post. Your Privacy is protected. Think about it… You weigh up your opponents. For instance, you could: Far from it… Every player on the pitch inevitably has to defend at some point or the other during a match. In essence, every player needs to have defensive ability for the team to stay successful. Keep Calm and Stay in the Zone Soccer defense is about being calm and decisive.

You know how disastrously infectious jitteriness and panic can be! A great way to keep calm is to have a constant sense of awareness. What does that mean? But how do you do all of this as a team? That is where ability to communicate effectively in pressure situations comes in. Calling out to each other makes your movements as a team more effective. Doing so should give them sound judgement as to whether or not to commit a challenge.

Committing to a challenge should ideally be your last resort in such a situation. If you can, you should instead choose a less risky course of action, like: Timing is key here as you want to regain possession or force the ball away from goal. Not unless your team as a whole is at the very top of its game. More often then not, you will have to change your game-plan to stop your opponent.

As a defender you can gain an advantage over opposing attackers by knowing things like: But that was the whole point of tip one… You discover your weaknesses, and work on erasing them or compensating for them. By training hard of course. Head for the gym. You need more explosive speed. Work on your jumping height and technique. As with everything else, practice makes perfect. Defense is an Art in Itself Defending in soccer is an art that can be just as entertaining to watch as free-flowing attacking soccer.

The heroic backs-to-the-wall defending around the penalty box. And the whole backline working seamlessly as one unit — beautiful and impressive at once. If you put in the work, soon you and your teammates will have mastered the art of defending! Like what you see? Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 0 comments. Teams can't win if they don't score.

Make sure your defense strikes fear into your opponent with this guide to defensive drills and tips. The defender's primary job is to deny penetration by applying pressure and maintaining a good position. Find out the best way to do the job effectively. More injuries occur during tackling than during any other activity. Find out the best way to stay safe when going for possession.

Need a great soccer drill to make your practice more productive? This exercises emphasis offensive ball-handling, defensive recovery and conditioning.

Athleticism and skill can only help a soccer team's defense so much. Here is the main reason defenses succeed--and it's something everyone can do. Defenders often have little time to clear the ball away from danger. Here's a simple drill to make your sweepers comfortable under pressure. Defense can be broken down into a really simple job for youth soccer players. Find out how you can best stress to your young players how to play defense well. In these drills players practice how to channel the ball to gain possession, apply pressure on the attacker and gain control over the attacking team.

As one of the top up-and-coming players on one of Major League Soccer's top teams, Geoff Cameron is realizing his dream at a young age. Find out his secret to making it to the top of his sport.

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Where you should position yourself depends on the soccer position you’re playing and the situation. In general, you’re in a good defensive position when you are in a valuable space on the field. For instance, you’re in a good position when playing wingback if you have the sideline covered. Soccer Tips for Playing Better Defense Teams can't win if they don't score. Make sure your defense strikes fear into your opponent with this guide to defensive drills and tips. Breaking Down a Defense in Soccer. As far as trying to break down a defense or get through a defense in soccer, the key is to keep the ball moving by playing one and two touch soccer. If your team is playing the ball quickly then the other team doesn't have time to close down every player. It's also about timing.

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