Get the most out of the Galaxy S6 Edge's curved screen

Images might not show up, menus might be out of place, and text boxes could be jumbled together. I tried swiping down on the edge screen to get it to update, but it's still showing old information. Get your team's Game Start and Scoring alerts on your desktop. A football player from the University of Central Oklahoma had his left foot severed after he reportedly attempted to crawl under a train he thought was parked. A word on Edge panels

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The best edge panel add-ons for the Galaxy S7 Edge sports, or fire up a Touching one of the tiles takes you to the the Yahoo sports site, which has box scores and plenty of stats. Mar 11,  · Get to know the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's edge screen. It's a tiny display of helpful information, like missed calls, messages, sports scores and news updates. You can . Resilient edge detail improves safety when bordering synthetic turf fields. Use for stand-alone fields or accross the D-zone. Whether you are a sports field designer looking for design help or a sports field builder looking for pricing, SportsEdge® HQ Panel Drain; SportsEdge® HQ & HQ;.

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