Full list of Super Bowl 49 prop bets from Westgate Las Vegas Superbook

View all NFL Sites. If it's Moreano then he's thanking God, probably. Will someone or a website be putting up the result after the game or do we have to keep up with it ourselves? Want to add to the discussion?

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How is the game line moving? All that and more in this year's Super Bowl oddsmaker roundtable. Bettors' guide to all 51 previous Super Bowls.

Here is a full summary of the against-the-spread result for all 51 Super Bowls. Eagles open as biggest Super Bowl underdogs since Video Sunday's strangest prop bets. Brent Musburger describes how the head bookmaker at a Las Vegas casino will handle an excessive wager after "Bettor X," who won a huge World Series payday, placed a bet on Philadelphia to win the Super Bowl.

Golic excited about wacky Super Bowl prop bets. Printable correct answers here. This is the site I found it on. That is a good looking sheet, I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of those bets. Here is my beta version of this year's MasterBetter spreadsheet. It is copy and pasted from excel to google docs, so it lost some glory, especially the autosums that can display as a bar graph leaderboard during the game: So, can we get a live thread for this shit Sunday night? I drafted my fantasy football league into this.

If the national anthem takes longer than 2 minutes and 24 seconds someone should drop a satellite on Renee Fleming. I've sung the national anthem at sporting events. Frankly, even that is a terrible pace for it. It's not a a funeral dirge. No way Peyton's running in anywhere close to 2. This comment not to be construed as betting advice.

Will someone or a website be putting up the result after the game or do we have to keep up with it ourselves? Can someone do all the correct answers and put them up after the game, I will want to make sure I get them all right for friends and myself.

This site should have the answers. Triple zeros to kickoff for halftime. If a play is still going when the second quarter ends, start the timer when the ref signals the ball dead. Kickoff to triple zeros for the game. If there's a play still going when the fourth quarter ends, stop the timer when the ref signals the ball dead. It doesn't say halftime show, so my guess would be start the timer as soon as the 2nd quarter ends and stop it at the start of the 3rd.

And on the same note I would start a timer at kickoff and let the timer run until the end of the game.. As long as you and the people buying in agree or you make it clear how it will be judged it shouldn't be a problem. Could somebody please explain the player touchdowns on the left column and the point spread on the right column. I don't know much about football stats or betting so I'm not exactly sure what the numbers are referring to.

How can a player have. Denver is the favorite, which is indicated by the negative sign This means that Denver has to win by 2 or more points in order for that pick to be correct. In case I do well here's mine for proof. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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He's double-dipping and so should you. Who is JR Smith playing for? First team to lose a helmet First time a first down is measured The odds of no safety and no overtime are wayyyyyyy higher than a safety or an overtime.

I like that this is a thing now. Eagles favorite in Super Bowl 53? Which Super Bowl players are available? View all NFL Sites.

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Super Bowl 53 odds, prop bets and betting lines. Join Bovada today to claim a $ Welcome Bonus and bet on the best Super Bowl odds. Super Bowl Odds and Prop Bets SB Nation's coverage of Super Bowl odds and prop bets. From Cincy Jungle; Gronkowski highlights touchdown betting props for Super Bowl. Super Bowl Squares Rules The numbers that go along with each row/column of this printable Super Bowl squares sheet will be randomly drawn after all Super Bowl squares have been sold.

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