5 Tips for Writing About Politics in Fiction

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People tend to remember moments when they were humiliated or insulted. What goes around comes around, especially at the work place. Another reason to hold back your temper is your career advancement. Increasingly, organizations are using degree reviews to promote someone. Even if you are a star performer, your boss will have to fight a political uphill battle if other managers or peers see you as someone who is difficult to work with.

The reason people feel unjustified is because they felt misunderstood. Instinctively, we are more interested in getting the others to understand us than to understand them first.

Top people managers and business leaders have learned to suppress this urge. Surprisingly, seeking to understand is a very disarming technique. This sets the stage for open communications to arrive at a solution that both parties can accept. As mentioned upfront, political conflicts happen because of conflicting interests.

Perhaps due to our schooling, we are taught that to win, someone else needs to lose. Conversely, we are afraid to let someone else win, because it implies losing for us. Strive to seek out a resolution that is acceptable and beneficial to both parties. Doing this will ensure that everyone truly commit to the agree resolution and not pay only lip-service to it.

Freelance writer Read full profile. How on earth do you get out of that spiral? Many people never sit down and look at how to work smarter, rather than harder and even longer hours.

Easier said than done? Well, no actually, because there are a few simple rules that can really help you to manage time better. For example, when setting up a top priority task, you need to switch off the phone and ignore your email first. Then you need to abandon any ideas of multitasking as that will slow you down and ruin your focus. The best strategic planning I can give to you is to think about that.

In fact, when you save 21 days per year just by typing fast! This is exactly what I am doing now, so I cannot honestly say I am practicing what I preach! Using shortcuts on the keyboard is another time saver and can speed up your work. There are so many of these. If you make the effort to learn them, they really can be helpful. It is well worth downloading this program because when you have to do a long series of boring repetitive tasks especially with programs like Excel , a MACRO will do it with one click.

Instead of writing emails, it is often much better to pick up the phone and talk to the person responsible. If that colleague works in the same office, it is even better to go and talk to him or her. It gives you a break, you get some exercise and you actually make human contact which is becoming quite rare in this electronic world.

If you are like me, you might well find that you have a ton of tabs open at the top of your browser. In order to find the one you want, you have to search for them as they are off screen. Having all these tabs open slows down your browser too. We all know about to do lists and I find that they are generally great. They give me a great sense of achievement as I cross off the tasks done.

But often we find that we are doing nonessential tasks or ones that can easily be postponed. When failure rears its ugly head, some people get a bit paranoid and fear that this may become a trend. Projects will go wrong and failure should be expected rather than feared.

Learning lessons from failure and analyzing what went wrong is the best way forward. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions. When you do this, you are gathering the information you need to help in decision making. This will save you time and you will be able to cut meetings to a minimum.

Forbes magazine reports on research that they carried out on asking the right questions. You should always be on a steep learning curve. Look at your skills profile and determine where you need to fill a gap. Talk to important connections and network in your niche. Keep up to date on trends and developments.

But Bowdich seemed to reject that assertion under questioning during a briefing before the House Judiciary and Oversight panels, suggesting that no other ongoing inquiries affected how the Florida case was handled, multiple sources said. Still, Bowdich acknowledged there were significant mistakes in how the FBI handled the tips -- and said the matter remains under further investigation, the sources said.

Bowdich told lawmakers in a private briefing Tuesday that the FBI had received two tips -- one last September and one in January -- about the threat that Nikolas Cruz posed to his community in Parkland, Florida, according two sources familiar with the matter.

The first tip came following a YouTube post that asserted that Cruz wanted to be a school shooter, something that was directed to a field office in Jackson, Mississippi.

The agent in charge of the matter investigated the issue, but that agent was unable to make any headway in the investigation, failing to determine who Cruz was.

FBI tip line caller described Nikolas Cruz as 'about to explode'. But the agent did not ask YouTube for a copy of the original posting or send a preservation order to YouTube, according to the sources.

After fruitlessly trying to determine Cruz's identity, the agent sought to close the case on October 11, , and it was officially closed after a second review suggested that the matter was not a national security threat. Florida Senate OKs bill raising age to buy guns, banning bump stock sales.

In January, an employee for the FBI's call center in West Virginia got a call warning about Cruz, and the employee ran the matter by her supervisor. The caller told the FBI that the Parkland police had been notified about the threat posted by Cruz, as the tipster warned about his recent behavior and actions. But the caller was not aware of any specific plans to carry out a school shooting, the sources said. So the FBI did not consider the matter a direct threat.

While the FBI employee did see the report from September 25 about the YouTube post, the FBI did not act upon the matter since the earlier report was not labeled as a national security threat at the time.

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Politics can be a contentious topic to address in any scenario these days—but that doesn't mean you should avoid including politics in fiction if the story warrants it. Here, Aimee Agresti offers her best tips for writing about politics in a novel. Navigating Office Politics: Tips for Staying Cool, Calm and Confident Much as you might like to avoid it, office politics remain a necessary part of working in an organization. And, while the term “office politics” has a negative connotation, it isn’t all bad. What is an election? Here's how you or your nanny can answer a child's political questions. Politics is an everyday topic of conversation in Stefanie Clarke's house. The Superior, CO mom of two (ages 5 and 11) is active in politics as a professional and a volunteer, so.

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