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If the ball is thrown and you can tell it will land behind you, run backwards while watching the ball. Thanks for the great tips. I hope you have found these baseball catching tips from Matt Treanor to be helpful. Imagine losing a game like that. If they are struggling with command or mechanics, you need to be able to recognize the problem and help them make adjustments. Go Premium

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From throwing out runners to inspiring teammates, here are some tips to train young catchers the proper fundamentals of this crucial position. Keep runners from advancing bases with this drill to create proper technique in your young catchers. As a catcher, you set the tone for the whole defense. Here's how young backstops can push through in the dog days of the season. Learn how pushing the pace of a game is not only efficient but can be used as a defensive weapon.

Here is a simple guide from former MLB backstop Brent Mayne on how to teach young players proper catcher's mask etiquette. The catcher's position is the most demanding in baseball.

Here's a step-by-step guide coaches can use when developing young catchers. Look for this banner for recommended activities. Baseball throwing drills that develop the correct arm action Baseball throwing drills may be the only chance kids have of changing their natural throwing patterns. There is nothing more important for youth ballplayers than being able to throw a baseball with speed and Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. I am a former major league baseball player who, like many of us, could not get enough of the game while playing so I went into coaching it after my playing days.

I opened my own sports academy to help young Standing behind the plate, staring down your teammate as they wind up to throw a baseball as hard and fast as they can is a bit of a daunting feeling.

Of course, that might be oversimplifying things a little bit. Anyone who has played the position knows how badly you get banged up every game. I do not advocate "toughening up" catchers. If you have a catcher who has a lot of tools, but doesn't have the will to play through the pain of the position, you'd better have another catcher or two on your squad you can go to.

Enough to want to work on all of the mechanics of the position all the time, even when it impacts their hitting because they don't get enough batting practice in. That would catch my attention as a ex catcher! You cant have a belly-acher, an excuse guy, complainer, your head in the grandstands or laziness.

Its a tough gig. But those that played the catcher position would not have it any other way. It is a blast to play it. Never a dull moment. You have the entire field in front of you. You don't want your pitcher and third baseman stopping dead in their tracks at the last second because each thought the other was going to field it.

If they don't call for it, you make the call. Imagine losing a game like that. Even if I was a terrible catcher, I would be able to make quality throws to 2B. This MUST be practiced if you are at all serious about the catcher's position.

A catcher always sets the stage for the entire game by throwing a riffle down to second and third base. It makes the other team realize they need gain another advantage on the pitcher.

There is always action at those 2 positions. You can never have enough good catching or pitching. If the catcher is working hard to keep up the pace of the game, this will get your players off the field and in the dugout.

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Baseball Catching Tips from the Pros Upcoming Spring Event – Special invitation – Free online catching workshop with catcher Ryan Lavarnway, who has played in the Major Leagues with the Red Sox, Braves, Orioles & A’s, this workshop will cover stance, framing, pop time and more. My catching tips say the catcher must lead every baseball drill, keep the team in the game and understand every game situation. Catchers MUST be another coach on the field of play. The catcher position must have knowledge of what makes his pitcher tick and understand what is working well for his pitcher is each outing. Catching Tips for Baseball Catching is arguably the most difficult and certainly the most physically demanding of all the positions on the field. Not every player has both the talent and mental make-up necessary to be a good catcher.

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