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Assessing NHL Playoff Contenders More than any other major sport there is a lot you can tell about a team in the NHL regarding their readiness to compete in the playoffs before the regular season even ends. Trust is tough to create and it is even tougher to maintain, which is why we always keep the lines of communication open with our clients at BetOnline, and the best part is that it will not cost you a dime. As soon as the Cup is hoisted most bettors are thinking ahead to other sports, other bets, and where their next action is going to come from. You make a puck line bet when you think a team is going to win decisively. Other teams look to rest their players, heal their wounds, and be as fresh as possible when the most grueling postseason in sports starts. Why They are the Best NHL Betting Sites

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The NHL can be a challenging betting landscape to tackle. You may find yourself lost about where to start or how to begin tackling making a betting pick. One of the best ways to learn how to bet a sport properly is to get a mentor. You have to find an expert who is willing to show you what they are betting and explain to you why they are making that bet. The problem is that most expert sports bettors do not like to share their knowledge. They prefer to keep it to themselves and not teach anyone else their tricks and tips.

Well, we do things differently here at The Sports Geek. These are the picks our experts are making given to you in real time so you can bet right along with them. This will help teach you how to become your own sharp NHL bettor. Ice hockey is one of those sports that seems simple on the surface but becomes intricate when you begin to look under the hood.

The basis of the game is getting the puck in the net, but there is a lot more that goes into achieving that goal. For this reason, many new NHL bettors find themselves struggling to get themselves into a winning groove. Bettors often feel that knowledge of all the players, all the teams, and some basic strategy is enough to get ahead in the sport. In reality, though, it requires a much more in-depth understanding of NHL betting strategies to be a consistent winner. We mention that this problem plagues new NHL bettors but seasoned bettors are not immune.

While our expert picks from earlier should help both new and seasoned NHL bettors, we wanted to put together a comprehensive collection of NHL betting strategies that you could reference at any time. We probed the minds of our experts and compiled the best tips and strategies they use to make their winning picks. This information should help you to get jump started or pull you out of the rut you may currently be in.

In order to be a stronger NHL bettor, you need to have a complete understanding of the different types of bets available. Sportsbooks online offer several different betting options giving you complete flexibility in how you choose to bet. Long gone are the days where the only bet options you had are who would win the game.

Just because there are tons of different bet types does not mean that you have to make tons of different types of bets. Stick to what you know and only branch out if you see an opportunity. The complexity of a bet has nothing to do with its profitability. You can be a successful NHL bettor without ever touching any of these other bet types. You can also be a successful NHL bettor by betting all of these different types of bets.

The point is that your success as a bettor does not rely on placing complex bets. It relies on your ability to leverage your knowledge base and find value. A money line bet is the most popular type of NHL bet. This bet type is one where you select who will win the game. If the team you selected wins the game, you win your bet! The important thing to realize about money line bets is that they do not always pay out the same amount for each team.

In fact, they often do not pay out the same amount. The bigger of a favorite an NHL team is to win a game the less money the sportsbook is going to pay you for a correct pick. The bigger of an underdog an NHL team is to win a game the more money the sportsbook is going to pay you.

These statements are general rules of thumb, though the lines will move based on how the betting public chooses to bet. The important take away is that you realize that you will get paid out according to the likelihood of the team winning.

These money line bets in the NHL operate the same as they do in any of the other major sports. The puck line in the NHL is similar to a money line bet except that the team will need to win by more than 1. With a money line bet the payout odds are the only thing that is adjusted. You win your money line bet no matter how many goals a team wins by. With puck line bets it does matter how many goals the team wins by.

The team that is the favorite will need to win the game by more than 1. In contrast, the team in that game that is the underdog can lose the game by 1. The Blue Jackets are significant favorites at on the money line. The corresponding puck line odds are as follows:. Remember, though, they have to win the game by more than 1. As there are no half goals in the NHL, this just means they have to win the game by 2 or more goals.

The reason it is expressed in half goals is to prevent betting ties. This will also show you why you would want to make one bet over the other. The Blue Jackets would only need to win the game by one goal or more for you to win your bet. When should you make this bet? You make a puck line bet when you think a team is going to win decisively. If you win the game or lose by only one goal, you still win the bet. If you lose by two or more goals, you lose the bet. The puck line bet gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to betting.

Without this bet, you get paid nothing extra if you correctly predict that a team is going to win decisively. Trust is tough to create and it is even tougher to maintain, which is why we always keep the lines of communication open with our clients at BetOnline, and the best part is that it will not cost you a dime.

The racebook is another fantastic section at BetOnline, as you can get a headstart on the Triple Crown season by reading over our articles to give you an idea of the winning horses. You can also check out our casino, where you can play the latest games powered by the latest technology. From poker to card games, slots and everything in between, we have you covered at BetOnline.

We have contests and promotions galore as BetOnline is all about what our clients want, so check it out and if you have any inquiries, never hesitate to get in touch with us. Betonline because your can! With the National Hockey League taking three days off for the holiday break now is the perfect time to look back at the first couple of months of the season and assess where all 30 teams are at this point in the season.

The Blackhawks are the veteran team that has been here before while the Lightning are the young team looking to prove their detractors wrong and there is no shortage of star power on both teams. The National Hockey League regular season is over. Which of the eight first-round series look like particularly good bets? Here are the three ideal choices: There are reasons to pick the Wild here, the chief one being that Minnesota was able to win a playoff series last year as the number seven seed, going up against second-seeded Colorado.

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NHL Odds Legend. What Does Mean? Line Shopping; What Line Moves Can Tell Us; Why the Line Moves; Moneyline. The most popular way to bet on your favorite hockey team is moneyline betting and it replaces a point spread because the scores are so low. Your team has to win the game, not win by a certain number of goals. In NHL odds, negative. While betting on the winner of the game, as shown above, is the most popular method of betting the NHL, there is also the puck line, which baseball bettors will recognize as being quite similar to the run line. Money Line: The most common way to bet on hockey is called the moneyline and it replaces a point spread as most games are low scoring. Your team only has to win the game, not win by a certain.

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