Grand National betting. What does SP mean ???

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Why would you use the SP?

But typically, it is decided by an appointed panel based on the movement of the prices on the racetrack. When you place a bet on a horse race, you will have the option to take the current price, or take the SP. If you take the SP, this means that you are taking a gamble on the starting price being better than the current price. For example, a horse is currently available at odds of If you back it at odds of If the odds decrease, then you potentially win less money.

They say that it gives a much fairer starting price to the traditional method. In fact, Betfair claim that the SP is usually better than the official SP offered at many sportsbooks. Best odds guaranteed is where the bookmaker offer you the SP regardless if it is better than the early price you bet at. For instance, if your horse was Should the SP be It depends on if your horse finishes in the right position!

Guaranteed Winning Picks Predictions: For the best answers, search on this site https: A win bet is just that, you are betting that the horse will win the race. The number of places varies depending on the number of runners and the type of race but the National is 4 places. The place part of the bet pays a quarter of the odds for the National.

It doesn't matter if it come 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th it is still a quarter of the odds. It's just a safety net in case it doesn't win but bear in mind that it costs more and if it doesn't place you lose the lot. I hope I have made some sense, ask again or feel free to email me if you are stuck. Basically it's best to bet each way in the National as most of the horses have decent prices.

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What does SP mean? SP stands for 'Starting Price' which means the odds of the horse at the start of the race. When you place a bet you'll usually be given the choice of the current odds on the selection and the Starting Price. What is a Starting Price or SP Bet? Starting Price or SP betting is when you back a horse or dog and do not take a price ie: you do not take the fixed betting deutschenrwerotikkontakte.tkd you leave your bet to be settled at the official Starting Price or SP. The SP is the official returned price of a horse from the racecourse at the point the race started. Apr 13,  · Best Answer: STARTING PRICE before a race gets under way, the betting odds on a horse may change, and you can secure a price on a horse, but as soon as the race starts then the "S P" is whatever it is and if it wins then pay out is the "S P" ie that sort of Resolved.

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