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Teen about to get basketball scholarship Jamaal Wilkes is mistaken for thief and shot by police. With Lesley Ann Warren as Holloway. The Black Stallion Returns. Barbara Stanwyck enters her horse Albert in a Virginia steeplechase race. Two brothers in on the eve of the outbreak of World War I wish to build a football stadium. Top Sports Betting Movies

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Thanks a heap for the recommendations, as I love well made gambling movies! Two that I would suggest that many haven't seen are: Clive Owen is a struggling writer who returns to casino work, and quickly gets hooked on watching punters lose night after night.

Some great scenes in this movie that are pretty accurate about long term losers, and Clive Owen is cool as a cucumber raking in money for the casino night and again. Philip Seymour Hoffman's best work bar none. Most here have probably seen it, but it centers around a bank executive who embezzles more and more to feed his gambling addiction. At one point he even gets out of debt and goes up millions, but you can guess where that goes.

He even gets so desperate as to call bookies and tell them he wants every home team in the National League and every away team in the American.

Minnie Driver plays a great spouse who is pushed to the brink by this psychological addiction. Great movie that really highlights the ultimate depths to which a degenerate will go Gambling man Trotter Dreyfus has promised his wife Pam Teri Garr that he's given up betting at the track. But when he gets a tip on a sure thing the following weekend, he's sure he can't lose. He wins on a fifty dollar bet, and turns his winnings into a full day of ups and downs with his buddy Looney. Originally Posted by BigBollocks.

Originally Posted by OrionSky. Last edited by fearless; at Owning Mahoney is the best gambling movie out there. By far the best of all of these. One of the best movies I've ever seen. The ending is unbelievable!!!!!! Playing opposite up-and-comer Tom Cruise in Martin Scorsese's nine-ball epic The Color of Money, Newman brilliantly portrays an ex-pool shark chasing a piece of the good old days through a reluctant protege.

I just read a book about Jack Molinas. I don't remember ever seeing a movie about him, but man, is there a lot of material. Big-time fixer in the late 's and early 60's. Also, the recent movie with Pacino and McConaghey was interesting at times, can't remember the name of it.

Originally Posted by Munson This starts costing the pair. With their relationship falling apart they both seem to find their way into more trouble. Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino star in this movie. The movie leaves a lot of questions unanswered. However, it does give a very real view of the sports betting world so that is why it made the list.

Bookies is a movie that shows the other side of the gambling world. Three college students, Toby, Casey, and Jude, have tried their luck at betting on sports. None of them have had any luck. Losing over a thousand dollars has them in a bind. They realize that the only ones making any money are the ones who are taking the bets. They charge their own fee for placing the bet so they decide to try their hands at being bookies. Their plan is to start taking bets from their fellow students.

They come up with a genius way to collect the money without revealing their identity. Jude works at the library and the guys decide to have each of the bettors place their money in books. They later go and collect from the books. Jude chooses the books that are rarely checked out and their plan works out great.

They become successful and as with most stories this is where things start to go wrong. With their new found wealth, they each want different things. Toby wants new computers which would aid in their new business.

Casey wants to spend all his money on a girl. Jude takes a darker route into drug addiction. The college is getting suspicious of their activities. To end their business on a high note they make a deal with the mob and allow them to choose a game or event to bet on.

The mob chooses a boxing match that the boys know is going to be a fixed bout. They liquidate their assets and win enough to get out of the game. The one- time friends are now all going their separate ways.

Toby and Casey stay in school but no longer have a relationship and Jude drops out. Based on a memoir of Beth Raymer Lay the Favorite shows the better side of sports betting. Beth starts out as a stripper in Florida who wants a change in her life so she leaves her job and travels to Las Vegas.

She hopes that the change of scenery and jobs will bring her luck in different ways. When she arrives in Vegas she gets a job as a cocktail waitress.

With no place to live, Beth lives in a cheap motel where she meets Holly, a girl who lives in the same motel. Holly introduces Beth to Dink Heimowitz. Dink is a professional gambler and runs his own sports betting business called Dink, Inc.

He uses girls to place the high stakes bets for him and hires Beth to be one of his girls. Beth is completely hooked by the excitement of the gambling world. She sees how close the two have become and demands that Dink get her out of his life.

Without a job, Beth takes an offer from a rival gambler named Rosie. He runs an illegal sports betting business. This comes with all the bad things that come with an illegal business. Beth is able to work everything out and succeeds in New York. The comedy has none other than funny man Vince Vaughn. The lesser known Rebecca Hall gets the lead roll and does a great job playing the ditzy side of the character. Together they made a decent movie. Diggstown is set in a fictional Georgia town run by its most wealthy citizen, John Gillon.

The town is very into boxing. To keep his control over the town, John had a boxing match fixed. It ended in the local hero Diggs getting injured. The town is furious and in walks their saving grace. Gabriel Caine is an ex-convict recently released from jail and comes to town ready to run the con of his life. He finally talks his partner in crime, Roy Palmer, to climb aboard. Our team of reviewers personally uses each one they rate and deep dives into details like bonuses, betting odds, customer service, ease of deposits, supported payment methods, bonus rollover requirements, reputation, and a checklist of other points.

If a sportsbook falls below our stringent requirements, it will not be included on our top 10 list. Our top 10 list is curated by sports bettors and fans to provide the best options available. But, if you are looking for a book that caters to a specific feature, like Bitcoin deposits, we have created separate pages for these. Here are some additional betting sites:. Betting Sites By Feature: Best Bonuses , Bitcoin. Our research indicates that, as a percentage, very few online gambling websites meet our standards.

The reasons for not making the cut vary: These are the broad categories we look at when assigning a rating to a particular gambling site. Within each point we use a checklist of items to score each site against. One of the single most important aspects of a real money betting site is its financial trustworthiness. They are responsible for:. Having a solid track record in these three areas gives a site a trustworthy reputation. Online betting sites hold money in your account so it is available when you want to place a wager.

Unfortunately, as with any business, sportsbooks do come and go. Even those with valid online gaming licenses, there have been instances where funds have not been recoverable by bettors when operators shutdown. So one of the most important aspects to listing a site on our top 10 list is to ensure there are no current reported financial issues and that the site is a going concern.

Virtually every gambling site offers some sort of promotion for players to join. Those that cater to UK bettors often offer free bets or other promotions like multiplying winnings on your first bet. Other sites will match your first deposit. Read our sports betting bonuses guide for a complete explanation and to find sites with the best bonus offers. The reason we do this is simple: We generally use three different formats on how we display this bonus information:.

This bonus will not get you any extra cash initially, but could earn you a sizeable addition to your bankroll. In this example, the sportsbook is not going to match the amount you deposit, but will instead will give you a bonus on the amount you win on your first bet. So, say you placed a single-game moneyline wager and your team won; the sportsbook would credit your account with your winnings plus a multiplier of three.

In this last format, the site is offering to credit you with free bets, based on your first bet.

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We love sports betting movies as much as the next bettor, so here's our list of the Top 10 sports betting films of all time, complete with our cheeky reviews! The sports betting plot comes from the gambler being a professor and convincing a star student athlete to shave points. I do think the film is better than the Rotten Tomatoes rating indicates and I definitely recommend it if you want to watch a film that really is all about gambling rather than . is the leading sports betting sites in the industry bringing you the best odds for betting on American sports online.

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