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The co-main event offers just as much, if not even more. Is it too much, too soon for BJ Penn? Will Franklin be able to handle the quick kicks and takedowns of the hungry challenger Loiseu? Read below to find out. David Loiseu, March 4, In the main event of the evening, Rich Franklin puts his middleweight title on the line, as he faces the always-electric David Loiseu.

When you think of the prototypical Mixed Martial Arts fighter, the first name that comes to mind is Rich "Ace" Franklin. He almost seems too good to be true at times. The reigning UFC Middleweight champion, Franklin has fought from everywhere between middleweight and heavyweight.

It really doesn't seem to matter which division he chooses, the fights all end the same way, with Franklin having his hand raised at the end. I should also mention that all but the second fight with Tanner TKO, round 3 , ended in the first round. Surprisingly enough, his only loss came to the hands of BJ Penn conqueror Ryoto Machida via referee's stoppage in the second round.

It was a tough loss for Franklin, but most considered it a fluke defeat. Working with world-class trainer Billy Rush, it's no surprise that Rich Franklin is considered one of the most well put together athletes in the history of the sport. His challenger, Montreal's native son David "The Crow" Loiseu , comes into this fight as a popular betting underdog.

Well, forget about it! Rich Franklin isn't Charles McCarthy. At least I can assure you he won't be stopped with a spinning back kick like McCarthy was. As we've seen in his fights with Jason St. Louis and Jorge Rivera, it doesn't take much to discourage David Loiseu, and once discouraged, the fight is over.

Look for a complete domination in the standup by Franklin, and if the fight goes the ground, look for Franklin to control the action there as well. I'm not saying that Loiseu won't have his moments, but as fights goes on, Franklin only seems to get stronger. I just can't see Loiseu stopping him in the first round. The UFC had many other critics, and it wasn't able to get licensed in Nevada. Instead, it held cards all over the country in a wide variety of cities: The UFC slowly made its way into pop culture and the mainstream, receiving a big boost in that regard when it was featured on the wildly popular TV show "Friends" on May 8, In an episode titled "The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion," Monica's millionaire boyfriend Pete Becker played by Jon Favreau competes in the octagon and repeatedly takes a beating.

John Avello, the director of race and sports at the Wynn Las Vegas, was at his former job at Bally's in the mids. I don't recall any meetings with the Gaming Control Board like we're having already with esports, but we were keeping an eye on it and deciding how we would book it and how it would be handled by Gaming. While the "no rules" policy appealed to the desired demographic of to males, the UFC gradually outlawed eye-gouging, fish-hooking, hair-pulling, head-butting and blows below the belt to make the sport less barbaric.

To appeal to state athletic commissions, they also added rounds and a scoring system to make it more like a sport -- more like boxing, but still decidedly different. Marc Ratner was the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission from to and is credited with helping the UFC get licensed in the state. That's a huge comeback from when 36 states banned no-holds-barred fighting in the s.

Hugh Citron was a sportsbook supervisor at Mandalay Bay, which was an independent book at that time, and jumped at the chance to set MMA odds. The main reason was to give the fans going to the fights a chance to bet, but we found out right away that the UFC had very dedicated fans -- and they weren't afraid to bet.

But we knew that any fights we put on the board would get tons of action. Bettors also loved that most fights didn't go to the judge's scorecards, so there were more clear-cut results rather than the kind of controversial decisions that have plagued boxing. There hasn't been much in the way of prop betting, though there have been a few notable exceptions.

Avello -- who has become well-known outside Nevada for his odds on reality shows such as "Survivor," "American Idol," "The Bachelor" and just about any other reality show you can name -- said he remembers getting caught up in "The Ultimate Fighter" craze, which White, to this day, credits as the turning point when the UFC really went big-time.

Avello points out there were other factors that helped the UFC become the force that it is today. UFC has pretty much just filled that void. If the sport of boxing had stayed strong, UFC wouldn't have had as easy of a time growing like it has. Citron marvels at how the sport has continued to increase in popularity, but says handicapping UFC hasn't changed too much. It's still not like boxing, where you can make a heavy favorite. In UFC, you never want to lay a really big price, because as we've seen with some of the big upsets, anything can happen.

The fighters have to engage, unlike boxing, where a fighter might be able to dance around.

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