EA Sports UFC Tips, Cheats and Strategies

This is where Solo Challenges come into play. While you can dodge and block attacks, it requires a fair mixture of luck and timing to successfully block an opponents attack. Alongside Solo Tournaments, Solo Challenges offer a variety of fight scenarios against real-life UFC fighters and each one offers an increasing number of coins depending on the difficulty normal, hard or insane you choose. All my players are stuck on level 75, how do I move on??? Get EA SPORTS UFC 3 and Step into the Octagon.

Master your performance inside the Octagon.

Get to grips with the changes

With these EA Sports UFC tips, cheats and strategies, players can be sure they are heading into the fight with their best foot forward. While you can dodge and block attacks, it requires a fair mixture of luck and timing to successfully block an opponents attack.

It is just much easier to constantly barrage them with hits to keep them stumbling around, and most importantly, to chip away at their health bar, every second of the fight. A predictable offense is pretty useless, so be sure to change it up a bit when it comes time to pummel your opponent. Refrain from spamming one type of attack over and over, and instead spice it up a bit with some light, medium, and heavy hits.

With this tactic, you can dismantle an opponent in no time. The faster your opponent falls, the faster you can get onto the next fight, and the more coins you can collect.

These are not guaranteed hits, however. These special attacks can completely miss the opponent. Because the majority of your damage dealt will come from these special abilities and to be honest, the whole point of leveling up your fighter is to increase the power of these abilities missing even just one special ability is a huge, wasted opportunity.

Get the fighters packs Under the Packs category in the store, there are way more options than just the first three that you see by default. At the moment, there are a few special offers that give you a guaranteed fighter and 10 abilities for just 25, coins, so make sure that you get all the money you need for that and unlock it ASAP. Replay fights over and over again If you hit a wall and your opponent is not easy to take out, it means that you have to start replaying older fights — go for the easiest that you can find and play them over an over again, piling up the coins to purchase extra card packs to train your fighter.

If you have other suggestions to add, let us know by commenting below! I just want to switch but can only level up. You see, giving every fighter the basic ability to kick just ruins those fighters who have abilities to kick.

Thos fighters who have abilities to kick are less unique then. Only those with kicking abilities can kick. I say, those are the best fighters.

Does the kick come up or certain situation I got a fighter who got bjj I think he should kick right?? How do I do this please? Also, what can I buy with coins? Everything I see in the store also needs gold which you have to pay for with real money. How to do ground take down of opponents I was fonfused in taping the screen.. I have loads of fighters but the games o my showing me a few. How do I get the better fighters I have unlocked??

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EA Sports UFC (iOS and Android) Tips and Tricks: Cheats, Hints and Strategy Guide. By Evan Heisenberg | 0 Comment. Postknight – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide – How to beat the bosses, get the girls and deliver the packages! Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies. Now, that we’ve reminded you what the game is about, here are some EA Sports UFC tips and tricks to help you get more coins and spend those coins wisely. 1. Watch Video Ads. For the past week or so, players haven’t been able to earn gold coins or buy them with real money in EA Sports UFC. If you do not want to use a fighter card to make a new fighter, you can use it to upgrade one of your current fighters instead. Rather than add that new fighter to your lineup, go instead to the training area, and tap the up arrow button next to the picture of your fighter.

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