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Taking the Price - Betting the underdog and accepting money odds. Retrieved 9 August Collegiate sport rituals Jocks Kiss cam Surf culture Tailgate party. Asian handicap betting offers the possibility of split handicaps, allowing you to bet on selections that are handicapped in order to even the field by both whole numbers and half numbers. The bookmaker also specified how many points you will get to create a teaser. Guide to Football Betting Terms and Jargon

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Handicap A method used by bookmakers to make a one-sided event become a more attractive betting proposition. Teams are awarded a number of points based on their calibre also known as the "pointspread" or "line". Hang Cheng Asian Handicap Form of soccer betting esp. More on Handicap bets. Heinz A multiple bet consisting of 57 bets 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 4-folds, 6 5-folds and 1 6-fold involving 6 teams in different matches.

Juice The commission paid to the bookmaker also known as overround. More on vig, Juice, bookie margin. Odds The bookmaker's view of the chance of a team winning or event happening adjusted to include a profit. Odds-on Where the odds are shorter than evens eg "4 to 6".

If the selection wins, the amount won is less than the amount staked don't forget, you get your stake back as well! Outsider Long shot also known as "The Rag".

Overround Profit margin in the bookmaker's favour. Parlay Term for an accumulator bet in US. Also, a wager on two or more teams in which both must win or "cover" for the bet to be lucrative. Patent A multiple bet consisting of 7 bets involving 3 selections in different events.

A single on each selection, plus 3 doubles and 1 treble. Permutations It is possible to "perm" bets or selections e. Picks Also known as "tips", picks are the recommended bets from an "expert". Pointspread The start that the favourite gives the underdog.

Also known as the "line" or "handicap". Teaser A pointspread based bet where the punter can move the line in his favour in return for reduced odds. Tips The selections recommended by an expert to bet on also known as "picks". Tipster A person who makes recommendation on the outcome of matches to punters. Treble A bet consisting of 3 selections, all of which must win for the wager to be successful. Trixie A multiple bet consisting of 4 bets 3 doubles and 1 treble with 3 selections in different events.

Turf Accountant A bookmaker. Underdog The team that receives a point start in a handicap. Push When neither side wins the game. All money will be returned to the bettors.

Roundabout A wager consisting of 3 bets involving 3 selections in different events i. The starting price is commonly used in horse and greyhound racing, and refers to the odds, or starting price, of the horse or greyhound at the start of the race. System bet is in many ways similar to accumulator bet as it is placed on a number of selections, but with the big difference being that not all selections need to be guessed correctly to qualify for a return. System bets can be played with bankers, in which case all selections marked as bankers need….

Teaser bets are in some ways similar to parlays considering that all selections need to win in order to qualify for returns, while it is the bookies that determine which matches will be combined to create a teaser bet. The bookmaker also specified how many points you will get to create a teaser. Parimutuel betting is a system in which all bets of a particular type are put together in a pool.

A tricast is commonly used in horse and greyhound racing and refers to a punter selecting three horses or greyhounds to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Value bets are wagers that are supposed to give you the best chance of gaining profit.

Rather than just backing the favourites, many punters try to find a match where they believe the bookmaker has made a mistake when quoting the odds and wagers on such matches are regarded as value bets. Void bet is common in Asian handicap bets, but it can also happen when you are backing a player…. More conventional punters are not prepared to take any risks and they usually stick to already well known markets, but there is now a huge number of bettors who are eager to try out the new betting options and see if these can be used to make steady profit.

With new betting terms coming out of the online betting cuisine almost every day, even the most experienced punters have problems understanding the latest terminology, so you can only imagine how a player new to the online betting world feels when he first comes across such words as outright bet, system bets or forecast.

Understanding the current situation in the online betting market, our betting experts have given their best to find all the football betting terms that could create some confusion among the football punters to create a unique betting glossary football. Our soccer betting glossary features full explanations of less familiar betting terms, outlining its key features, pros and cons, as well as letting you know in what capacity that particular betting market is commonly used.

While often mentioning terms that you will find in our betting glossary, online bookmakers rarely provide explanations for the terms, leaving the players to scour the web looking for exact definitions. Instead of spending your precious time searching for the meaning of certain betting terms, you can simply visit our comprehensive soccer betting glossary and find out everything there is to know about the new market or type of betting you have encountered on.

The glossary will be regularly updated, as we will make sure to add all the latest betting terminology so that you are always up to date with the latest developments from the online gambling industry. The main idea behind this glossary is to provide you with simple explanations for less familiar terms you are likely to come across on numerous occasions during your betting campaign, and offer you typical examples designed to help you understand how each and every betting market is calculated and when you can expect the returns.

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Oh, have we mentioned that you may be handsomely rewarded for your courage? Bet 10 Get 30 up to. Recommended Games More Games. Betting Glossary Share the Love! Share Tweet Gmail Add. Get familiar with common terms used in betting. Click a letter below to jump to that section of the glossary. Since it is well known that bookmakers each have unique odds, it is possible to bet on one competitor at bookmaker A and bet on the second competitor at bookmaker B or… Read More.

B Banker Bets Banker bets are bets placed on hot favourites and are, therefore, expected to bring certain profit. C Closing Line Otherwise known as the final line, the closing line refers to the betting line before a bookmaker sets the odds for an event.

D Double Betting Double bet is the simplest of all accumulators as it consists of just two selections, both of which need to be guessed correctly in order to qualify for a return.

Offering higher returns than singles and giving better chances of winning than multi-bet accumulators, double bets or simply doubles are used by a huge number… Read More.

By taking a double chance on a team, you win the same amount of money if your team win or if they draw, meaning that only the… Read More. The bet loses if the backed team lose the game in… Read More. This kind of strategy… Read More. E Each Way Bet An "each way bet" is offered by bookmakers and refers to two separate bets on the same stake; a win and a place bet.

If the horse places, then the odds will be fractionally… Read More. There are… Read More. The players only need to win every other bet placed on even odds or higher to… Read More.

F Fixed Odds Betting Fixed odds betting is a process of placing bets on pre-determined odds, meaning that you know exactly how much you stand to earn at the time of placing a bet. All you have to do is… Read More. Forecast bets are usually placed as outright bets on the outcome of a football competition, with punters usually predicting the two teams to finish as 1st and 2nd in… Read More.

M Back to Top Martingale The martingale system refers to an investor increasing their stake on a new bet each time they lose. These kinds of bets are basically seen as promotional offers seeing they… Read More.

N Back to Top Novelty Betting As the term suggests, novelty betting is not your average type of wagering and it involves betting on events that have almost nothing to do with sports. O Back to Top Off the Board If a game is taken off the board, it is no longer available to bet on even though it had been originally offered.

Also known as a "sports player. Steam - When a line starts to move rapidly. Most "steam games" do not necessarily reflect objective circumstances, but are games that draw a mass of bettors for some reason. Teaser - A bet on two or more teams where the line on each team is adjusted in the favor of the bettor. Like a parlay, all selections must be correct for the teaser to win. Tie - A wager in which no money is lost nor won because the teams' scores were equal to the number of points in the given line.

Totals Bet - A proposition bet in which the bettor speculates that the total score by both teams in a game will be more or less than the line posted by the sportsbook. Underdog - The team perceived to be most likely to lose. Also known as the "dog" for short.

Vigorish - The bookmaker's commission on a losing bet; also known as "juice" or "vig" for short. The information contained at this website is for news and entertainment purposes only. Any use of this information in violation of federal, state, provincial or local laws is strictly prohibited. Get the best football picks and NFL football picks from the industry's most formidable sports handicapping team.

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Instead download the new and improved DBS3 client here and install it, then use DBS3 icon on your desktop to login and view your desktop odds. Advertise Betting Terminology Free Odds. Across the Board - A method of wagering on a horse to win, place and show. Bad Beat - A wager that loses unexpectedly. Book - An establishment that accepts bets on the outcome of sporting events. Canadian Line - A combination pointspread and moneyline in hockey.

Chalk - The favored team, athlete or horse. Dime Line - A line where the juice is 10 percent. Dog - Short for "underdog. Even Money - A wager on which neither side lays any odds or vigorish.

Exposure - The maximum amount of money a sportsbook stands to lose on a game. Figure - The amount owed to or by a bookmaker. First Half Bet - A bet placed only on the first half of the game. Getting Down - Making a bet. Handicapper - One who studies and rates sporting events. Handle - The total amount of money bet on an event or group of events. Hook - A half-point. Juice - The commission the bookie earns.

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Unfamiliar with common betting terms? The staff of the ESPN Betting section puts together a glossary of terms every bettor should know. For example, in a football game, if a team is a Find definitions of popular soccer betting terms. Our bet glossary have defined different types of bets and terms that will make football betting easier. specializes in providing real-time betting odds, football and baseball picks and sports handicapping including guaranteed nfl, college football and mlb picks as well as free mlb picks and free football picks & predictions.

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