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Where an official result has been declared by the official governing body, that official result will govern match and handicap market settlement but all other markets will be void unless their result has already been determined at the point of abandonment i. Join Now Sign In. Politics General politics rules All wagers will be determined using the official result as declared by the local Electoral Commission or a similar official body. Betfair may, in its sole and absolute discretion, decide to suspend betting on a market at any time even if such suspension is earlier than anticipated by the Sportsbook Rules. Latest from CBS News

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In-Play information subject to delay click here for full Live In-Play betting rules. View all our Live In-Play Events. Basketball Betting with William Hill.

Alert - your bet has not been placed. Please review the offer below and tick the parts of the bet you would like to place before clicking place bet. The following offer is on your requested bet:. We can give you an additional offer of:. Bet Slip Open Bets. Your bet slip is currently empty. Card issuer verification - please fill in the required fields. Free bets available click here for terms. What is 'My Favourites'? Top 5 Bets pays I don't think they do cover them up- that's why see you an enormous number of questionable calls in games the last 10 or 15 years.

So you see a situation like that famous game 6 in L. And even though there was a lot of questionable calls in that game, they came out and said three referees did a terrible job and it was a horribly refereed game, but yet all three of those referees moved on to the Finals.

If they did such a poor job, why didn't their year end right then and there? There's always been a double standard in the league, there is still a double standard in the league. Lebron James with some pivotal plays scoring a pivotal basket in a playoff game with a minute to go where he clearly traveled, and they let it go. Unfortunately it still exists and the rule book clearly states you don't referee personalities, and yet every referee in that league referees personalities.

They referee the name on the back of the jersey and that's all based upon the star status and how many jerseys and sneakers that player sells. Never a paper trail, it's always through meetings in hotel rooms and tape sessions. It's done a lot, there were times I would walk out of a room prior to a playoff game, and I would look at the other referees and say "holy shit, they want Dallas to win tonight, or they want L.

When it comes down to individual star power versus big market team interests, who wins? And along the lines of big stars getting favorable calls, does this only happen when the player has established himself?

Or is it part of the process in "making" a star player? The biggest individual brand names, I had a conversation with a guy who's involved with tv networks and he basically told me this year they needed Miami to advance so badly because Miami and Dallas would bring so much better ratings than Chicago and Dallas.

Nobody on the west coast would watch if it was Chicago and Dallas because Lebron James would bring global attention versus somebody like Derrick Rose who wouldn't. Does the league makes an effort to "make stars? I think the star has to be there and once he gets that status, the league starts to market him and that's when the referees jump on board and start to give him special treatment. Go here for part one.

Here for part two. He's also a regular contributor to Chicago Now , Walter Football. Meet our bloggers, post comments, or pitch your blog idea. Banks runs The Sports Bank. News, which is partnered with News Now and Minute Media.

He's been a featured guest in dozens of media outlets including The History Channel. His work has been cited in hundreds of publications including the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Banks , June 26, at In part one we discussed Donaghy's infamous story, which dominated sports media headlines in the summer of , as well some current issues in the NBA Part two covers Donaghy's past and how that's affecting his present and future. Banks Here's his biography from his Sports Connection profile Tim Donaghy was an NBA referee for 13 years before resigning in after a gambling scandal rocked the league.

What about the infamous brawl in that series? And how long has this practice been in place? Ever since I can remember, and I was hired in So these practices are just out-in-the-open, the league makes no attempt to cover it up? What about "star calls? So the only form of a paper trail here is the tape sessions?

Go here for part one Here for part two Paul M. Sign in Pitch your idea. Banks on Chicago Sports Guru. Meet The Blogger Paul M. Read these ChicagoNow blogs. Adam McInturff and Adam Chalifoux.

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The NBA Video Rulebook website is intended to help explain the Rules of the NBA game to all interested parties – our teams, the media, and our fans. • Video NBA Video Rulebook website Referee. NBA Las Vegas Odds, Betting Lines, and Point Spreads provided by, along with more pro basketball information for your sports gaming and betting needs. Basketball betting and Rules. Sportbet offers lines for the NBA, and NCAA as well as all the pre-season games. In both, the NCAA and NBA, we offer 1st half and 2nd half wagers. In the NBA lines will be offered on every single quarter.

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