Though the games played on the field are certainly meaningful, the real meat and potatoes of the NCAA Football 14 Dynasty lies in recruiting. All times are GMT Scouting can reveal if a player is overrated, underrated, or justly rated, and just in this first week, you can get an idea of a handful of players that will be worth the time to recruit, or if you need to find more candidates. I only focus on like guys and I go hard after 12 of them. Save before each game and if things start going south reset the game and reload to try again. Tips For Recruiting in This Game.

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NCAA Football 14 is here, and fans will flock to EA Sports' latest pigskin game. With a number of features to choose from and a deep Dynasty Mode that will test your college football intellect, you'll play it well into the forthcoming season. There’s more to NCAA Football 14 than scoring touchdowns. You have the ability to shape your team as the season progresses, trading up for new players and making adjustments to your coach in order to improve his performance. Jul 27,  · For NCAA Football 14 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Tips For Recruiting in This Game.".Operating System: X, PS3.

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