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The first upgrade just requires ten steel, so getting a tier two reactor or generator might save you some space in that early base. Two or all three of the three previous matches must have ended over 2. You can run afield for higher-end materials like Uranium later. Create Storage — Build and upgrade storage in your base early. What's New

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This is a great time to look around and spot key resources from above. While dropping, look for the tell-tale bright green that signifies concentrated Uranium deposits. Check Power — Inspect any power plant to see your current power draw, as well as current production.

Nuclear power seems to be the most efficient but use whatever is abundant near your base location. Approach your generator and a tooltip will popup with your current production and consumption. The first upgrade just requires ten steel, so getting a tier two reactor or generator might save you some space in that early base. I typically build two steam generators or one nuclear reactor and then upgrade before building more. Create Storage — Build and upgrade storage in your base early.

Drones that are collecting will drop supplies into storage, and other drones will pick up resources from storage to keep power running and automated tasks going. That goes for personal storage, as well. Build a backpack upgrade as soon as you can, so those resource runs are more efficient. Automate Steel — I get steel production going early by setting the fabricator to repeat the recipe and assigning a drone to crafting.

The drone will pickup iron and carbon from the in-base storage and keep the steel production going, which makes upgrading to tier 2 a lot easier. Close Your Doors — By toggling the field on your door, you can lock your base when you leave. This prevents players from wandering in and stealing your stuff, but it also stops your drones from wandering out and getting picked off by random mobs. Compartmentalization — Divide your base up into sections where different areas are for specific functions, and each are isolated from others using closed doors.

After you play a hard match, or just gave it your all in a tryout, the most important thing you need to do is recover. Below you will find a few tips we have […]. As a soccer player, one of the most important things you can do is pass the ball. A key pass through a defense is the difference between a goal and a missed opportunity that could cost you the game.

As a player, you must be able to do these three passes in order to grow […]. The Panini World Cup Sticker album is officially out. Since its creation, the sticker album has been a cult favorite for soccer fans during the World Cup.

As a kid, the addition to the sticker album is great. Parents go and purchase you a book and randomly get you a pack or two when […].

Being a goalie is probably one of the most important positions on the field. You are either the hero or the villain, can it be any worse than these two polar opposites? If you are a goalie or are thinking about being a goalie, below are five tips on how to become a better goalie! A soccer shot is the most powerful arrow in your quiver as a soccer player. Chances are, if you are a novice, you tend to rely on only one type of shot, better known as the standard shot.

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