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Learn More at zoho. A good example of this was the Buffalo Bills in , who went at home in the season. For example, let's say you thoroughly study the upcoming Monday Night Football game between the Chargers at the Broncos. Moneyline Wager

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The Leaderboard market is based on an index 80 to winner, 40 runner-up etc. You think there is a weakness in the full backs of one of the teams playing in the evening's TV game and think there could be an early try in the match. You take a view that the big Saturday afternoon international will be a high-scoring affair and take a look at Spreadex's Total Points market.

You are about to watch an early round match in an ATP event and think the favourite will be far too strong for his opponent. You take a look at Total Points, which is based on the total number of points contested, by both players, during the game. You think the big Grand Slam final could potentially be a five-setter and so take a look at Spreadex's Cross Courts Market. Cross Courts is based on Player A's set 1 games multiplied by Player B's set 1 games, then aggregated for each set in a game.

Sports Spread Betting Examples Spreadex. Sign up to receive betting news, offers and product updates. Sports spread bet examples. Spreadex is quoting Total Goals at 2 - 2. Spreadex is quoting Total Goals at 2. Step 1 Fill in our simple online application form. Step 2 Await email confirmation of approval. Step 3 Start placing sports spread bets and sports fixed odds bets instantly! Spreadex are the sports spread betting experts offering thousands of in-play prices on hundreds of matches and events every day.

However, it's not as scary as one may think. To simplify it as much as possible, handicapping is basically gathering and analyzing factors, data, and other nuggets of valuable information in order to place a bet. In regards to football betting systems, handicapping is the actual work that you are doing to create the system. For example, let's say you thoroughly study the upcoming Monday Night Football game between the Chargers at the Broncos. You look at factors like the Chargers' road record, Broncos' home record, winning streaks, momentum, next week's game, injuries, weather, offensive ranks versus defensive ranks, strengths versus weaknesses, and head coaching styles.

After all of that information gathering and analyzing, you decide that the Chargers getting 5 points in Denver has value. All of that information that you just gathered can be considered "handicapping. Like with any activity, profession, trade, or hobby, you must be able to exercise a modicum of self-discipline. Without it, you will end up losing all of your money and go broke trying to bet on football. Experienced bettors are disciplined enough not to lose sight of their betting system. Additionally, they don't commit any of these common mistakes:.

Eliminating mistakes like the ones above will help you to remain disciplined. But remember that nobody else is going to hold you accountable to your betting system. So, you have to develop a strong self-discipline to keep yourself accountable, on track, and in a position to win more of your wagers.

If you hate math, then you are in the wrong business. Sports betting requires math. From analyzing data to lines, odds, and spreads, sports betting uses mathematics all the time. Fortunately, with all of the resources on our site and the internet, you can learn the required math skills. But make no mistake about it - creating a football betting system requires a heavy dose of mathematics.

Many new bettors want to start winning right away. They also think that they can win every wager. For most inexperienced bettors, losing will be a big part of the journey. This is largely due to making mistakes like the ones above and not being patient. Patience is definitely a form of self-discipline, but it's also more than just that.

Patience can become a foundational element of your football betting system. A few examples of patience when betting on football include:. One aspect that's often overlooked by inexperienced bettors is having a library of football and betting resources. When creating your system, you are going to sort through dozens of sources, hundreds of websites, and years of football statistics. While doing this, the smart thing to do is bookmark all of the webpages that you have researched, especially the ones that have valuable statistical data.

For example, bookmark sites like NFL. Another fantastic site to analyze past data and current seasons is Pro Football Reference. Building your own virtual library of football and sports betting resources will help you to create an effective betting system that allows you to access data when needed and to tweak things when necessary. Now that we have provided a foundational understanding of what a football betting system is, it's time to take a look at some examples.

Keep in mind that none of these systems are guaranteed to win you money. Instead, these examples are beginner to intermediate football betting systems to use as references, tools, and possible factors to add to your own system. Bankroll management is an important discipline when betting on football.

If you don't properly manage your bankroll, then you can easily lose most, if not all of it. One common football betting system is based on wagering a certain percentage of your bankroll on each bet. Moving forward, if you start winning a few bets, this system requires you to keep the percentage throughout the winning streak and not to raise it because you have won.

If that's the case, you would be making a huge mistake. With this system, your wagers can go up some, but only at a proportional rate to your bankroll. This is often where inexperienced betters end up losing all of their money. They mismanage their bankroll. Motivation may seem like an impossible thing to quantify, but there are some cases when it can be a huge factor. Keep in mind that both teams want to win. So, you shouldn't use this strategy and think that only one of the teams is motivated, while the other team just doesn't care.

With that said, the following is a list of common examples where motivation can be a system to employ:. All of these examples are cases where a team may "seem" more motivated or desperate to win. This isn't a guarantee that they will win, but it often will show up in their on-field effort. The bye week not only provides NFL teams with a chance to rest and an extra week to prepare, but it also provides bettors with possible winning opportunities.

The following is a breakdown of how well teams did coming off their bye week over the last 5 years. These records are from the to regular seasons only, as they don't include playoff byes:.

Now, if you know football and you really should , then you know that Andy Reid has a career record following a bye week. Although his current team, the Kansas City Chiefs, only have a record following the bye week under his leadership, Reid is always worth a look due to his overall success.

Additionally, teams like the Patriots are worthy of a look because of how good they are each year, despite an unimpressive bye week record over the last 5 seasons. All teams with losing records should be avoided.

However, the following teams might make for a great opportunity to bet against them after they come out of their bye:. For some betting experts and professional handicappers, they spend a lot of time paying attention to teams following a short week.

A short week is typically when a team plays on a Monday night, then turns around and plays the subsequent Sunday 6 days later. The following is a breakdown of each team's record after they played on a short week from through the regular season:.

Since , teams that played on Monday night and then turned around and played on the following Sunday have combined to go A further breakdown of the data above shows that 15 teams have losing records and 4 more are even. That's 19 total teams without winning records. The following 6 teams don't have a win and would be candidates to bet against on a short week:. In addition to the above losing teams, there are 7 teams with only 1 win.

That's 13 total teams with 1 win or less, or roughly 40 percent of the league. On the other side of the spectrum, there are a handful of teams that seem to thrive on a short week:. After pouring through the data, it's easy to see why this system is a popular one. The majority of teams just don't play well on short weeks.

Not only are there bye weeks for teams to rest and prepare, but there are also extended weeks. These weeks are when a team plays on a Thursday night, and then doesn't play again for at least another 10 days. The following is a breakdown of team records from through the season:.

One would think that teams would have an advantage with a few extra days of rest, but that's not the case. The teams that played on Thursday nights went on to have a record in their next game. Furthermore, the following 4 teams are winless during that span:. In addition to those 4 teams, 11 more teams have losing records, and another 3 teams have even records.

Of the teams who seem to make the most out of the extended break, the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers are undefeated. The following teams also appeared to have mastered the extended break:. Just like with bye weeks and short weeks, there are teams to keep an eye on and teams to bet against. For many years now, NFL fans and pundits have belabored how west coast teams are at a disadvantage when having to travel to the Eastern Time Zone for early games.

Think about it; these west coast teams have to travel a far distance, deal with jet lag, get prepared before their game, and have to play at a Sunday time that they're not accustomed too. For further analysis, let's take a look at the true west coast teams and how they fared traveling to the Eastern Time Zone over the last 6 years:. Over the last 6 years, these teams have combined for a regular season record when traveling to the Eastern Time Zone.

Keep in mind that the Rams went back to Los Angeles in , and these records include late games, not just the early ones. Also, you need to factor in that the Seahawks have been one of the best teams over this span and that the Rams had a great season. To further hammer home the point of this disadvantage, the 49ers, Chargers, and Cardinals have proposed a change during the offseason to limit the number of away games played at an earlier time for west coast teams.

Where there's smoke, there's fire. And this system can really heat up if you find the right value. Until , teams would be required to take their bye week following the London game.

However, in , the Colts requested to play the following week so that they could have their bye week later in the season.

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