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This is another biggie. You want to know that your bets are protected. It just temporarily curbs our appetite. This is the beauty of betting the Masters online instead of at a sportsbook in Las Vegas. How To Bet On The Masters Online

US Masters Golf Betting Tips

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This rule of thumb applies to other tournaments that you incorporate as a part of your long term golf betting strategy. Augusta National Golf Club has changed significantly over the years but certain traditions remain diligently guarded.

Membership is strictly by invite only. Since , all members receive a green jacket, as does the winner of each Masters tournament. A Champions Dinner evening takes place prior to the masters, at which the most recent Masters winner gets to select the menu for a gathering of previous winners.

Since a social contest has been played on the Wednesday prior to the Masters tournament on the par-3 course. The Augusta Masters was started by amateur champion Bobby Jones and investment banker Clifford Roberts who both banded together to build the course, which opened in The first US Masters golf tournament began on March 22nd , and beginning in , it was scheduled to take place every year during the first full week of April.

Masters Golf betting tips and odds traditionally come out during a couple of weeks preceding the tournament, although bookies do offer ante-post markets well in advance of April. Online Wagering is illegal in some Jurisdictions.

The sites we mentioned at the top of this page allow you to place your wagers freely and confidently. The next order of business is to make sure the sites have the ample selection of bets you are looking for. Generally, a normal week will offer a list of the competing golfers and their respective odds to win the event. The sites will then present you with some player matchups they have organized. This is all fine and dandy.

When it comes to the most celebrated golf tournament in the world, though, the sites decide to spice up the action. Just player matchups and who will win the golf tournament isn't enough to feed our hunger. It just temporarily curbs our appetite. We are talking about the prop bets. We will dive into the assortment of prop bets offered on the online sites in a segment entirely devoted to all those amusing bets. Just know that it is important to sift through the sites and get a look at all the bets that are available.

If you were not aware of these prop bets before, then your Masters week just got a heck of a lot more entertaining! For those of you who want to know some of the tips and tricks on how to attack betting on the single greatest golf tournament on the planet, read along.

Let's take a closer look at specific things you should be watching and looking for when heading into the Masters. The Masters is the most unique golf tournament in the world, for a variety of reasons. Unlike the other Majors, it is hosted at the same course every single year.

Believe it or not, predicting and projecting golfers' outcomes is usually easier to do here than at any other tournament on the schedule. If you have a decent idea of who will perform well, then you should be able to profit off that.

You must be wondering what special talents are required to be able to forecast who will succeed and who won't make the cut. The truth is, it isn't a hidden talent or special skill. It's called paying close attention, being diligent in research, and honestly, just doing the homework. The good news for you is that we got under the hood of the tournament and started figuring out what specific trends and data we needed to be pinning our attention to when deciding who and what to bet on.

This can't really be ignored, ladies and gentlemen. If a golfer hasn't shown any sign of solid play or reasons to believe a good stretch of golf is on the horizon, you should stay away.

The exception to this case is with the guys who have multiple Green Jackets hanging in their closet already. They have had such great results at Augusta National that they don't necessarily have to be "on form" in the weeks prior to the Masters. Sure, you would probably feel better betting on those guys if they had been playing well leading up to the first Major of the year. But they have proven in the past that they can find their stride once they turn onto Magnolia Lane and start smelling the beautiful azaleas on the properties.

Certainly Woods, Mickelson, and Watson have shown that they can shine on golf's brightest stage. Now, for the rest of the golfers, you would want to see some sort of positive sign before you start pounding away on them. This doesn't mean you only bet golfers that have won in recent weeks.

It does mean that the guys who haven't played much at all due to injury or just taking a break aren't going to be on your short list of contenders. You need to find the right mix. Not the guy who is worn out from playing and being in contention every week for the past month.

Not the guy who has been at home on his couch, resting on his laurels while he and his wife celebrate the birth of their new child. You want the guy in between. The guy who is trending in the right direction. This is the guy who isn't playing every single week, but he is playing enough. And when he has been playing, he has been showing signs that "peaking" is right around the corner.

Once you have recognized that the player is coming in with the right recipe and good form, you need to take a further look. How has this player fared in the Masters in prior years? This is another biggie. How a player has played at Augusta in the past must be accounted for. For example, each year you will see bright new stars of the game making their Masters debut. The public will be on them, as they have been the hottest names in golf. We aren't picking them to win - not even close.

The truth is, since the birth of the Masters Tournament in , only three rookies have ever won. Two of those three came in the first two years and , so those hardly count.

Since , Fuzzy Zoeller in is the only rookie that has slipped into the Green Jacket in his first attempt. We aren't saying rookies can't have a good showing, or perhaps finish in the top However, expecting a rookie to show up and light the course on fire in their first try just doesn't really happen around the beast that is Augusta National Golf Club. This private and exquisite golf club that hosts the Masters year in and year out tests the golfer's patience and skills to the utmost degree.

We have seen over the years that certain golfers, for whatever reason, succumb to the pressure that is Augusta National. Others have risen to the occasion and played some of their best golf on the pristine track in Augusta, Georgia. Knowing which guys have played well here in the past is easy; you look up past results.

Take this simple tool and use it to your advantage. The holes on the course are the same each year. Take the "Golden Child" Jordan Spieth, for example. The dude finished second, first, second, and eleventh in his first four trips around Augusta. This is certainly an outlier stat, as most golfers struggle their first few times out. In Spieth's case, the course seems to fit his eye, and clearly he knows how to putt on the treacherous greens. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to expect Jordan to not get himself into contention in many Masters to come.

On the other hand, some golfers that are known to be terrific players have fallen short when it comes to meeting their expectations.

Take a guy like Martin Kaymer, for example. Well, in his first ten Masters appearances, from , Kaymer has had only one career finish inside the top The German ball-striker who is known as a steady player has actually missed the cut completely in exactly half of those 10 starts. The point is, as much as we like and admire Martin Kaymer and his silky-smooth golf swing, we don't expect him to suddenly figure the course out and start contending on a regular basis. If a player has played Augusta, say, seven times or more, and hasn't shown the ability to navigate his way through the golf course, don't expect him to miraculously turn it around.

Of course, a player can "catch lightening in a bottle" and perhaps defy all reasonable odds and doubts in any given week. Although, when it comes to betting your hard-earned money on players, stick to what you know, which is where the facts and data point you. Let the risk-takers out there put their money on players who haven't played well at Augusta, let alone the ones who haven't played there at all.

There are times to take shots and make bold predictions. Right-handed golfers who naturally draw the ball from right to left have a built-in advantage when they arrive through the gates of Augusta National Golf Club. A left-handed golfer who fades the ball produces the same shot shape. As you can imagine, southpaws like Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson who like to fade the ball have had loads of success around Augusta.

We could commit a novel's worth of information on how and why this is true. The key takeaway is that we are aware of this trend. Does this mean a fader of the golf ball has no chance to win? Does it mean that players who favor the draw have a head start on mapping out a plan for how to attack the golf course? Whether you look at a signature hole like the par-5 13th, or tough par 4s like the 10th or 11th holes, you will continually see balls being shaped from right to left.

The course is designed in a way that the tee shots and approach shots are more receptive to finding the fairways and greens when hit from the right-to-left curving trajectory. This is by no means the end-all-be-all statistic to look at when trying to project outcomes for the week. It can, however, definitely be a solid starting point and foundation for selecting your players.

To summarize the section, if a guy is surging and playing well, or has strong past results at the Masters, buy their stock. Fade the players who haven't had much success at the Masters or haven't played the tournament at all. Finding that perfect blend of the player playing well and being equally hungry to win is a good formula to go with when picking who might hoist the trophy, come Sunday night of the Masters.

Once you have done your comparisons and know which players you like, it's time to find out which site is offering the best odds. This is the beauty of betting the Masters online instead of at a sportsbook in Las Vegas. We hate to even type the word "bookie," as you should stay away from illegal betting at all costs. The stories we have heard from friends that have "won their bets," only to never again hear from the bookie who took their wager, is enough to scare us away from betting with underground bookmakers.

Don't fall into this category; the online betting world is much safer. It has a lot more bets available, and you will find better odds anyway. The easiest way to find all the bets and the best odds is straightforward: Notice that at the top of this page, we didn't just list the single best site to start betting on. We didn't just list the top two sites. We gave you more than enough choices to be able to find the largest selection of bets, as well as the most up-to-date and accurate odds.

Let's consider why joining all of them presents you with your most realistic chance at winning some money.

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Betting on which player will win The Masters this year is a very popular betting option with regards to The Masters. Of course there can only be one winner, but if you are able to select the correct golfer you will be in for a big pay day. This is the beauty of betting the Masters online instead of at a sportsbook in Las Vegas. We hate to even type the word "bookie," as you should stay away from illegal betting at all costs. The stories we have heard from friends that have "won their bets," only to never again hear from the bookie who took their wager, is enough to scare us away. Masters betting odds on the first golf major of the year, held at Augusta. Which player is next in line for a green jacket? Get the best Masters odds.

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