O'Sullivan Victorious In Shanghai

Warnings You must shoot with at least one foot on the ground for your shot to be valid. Relax your shooting hand. Tips If you are new to snooker, focus more on improving your play and technique rather than worrying about winning or losing. Does this also apply to cues with leather tips? When you apply side on a cue ball, it will either go left or right depending on the side you strike, so to answer your question, your cue ball will go slightly to the left, which means the object ball will be sent more to the right. Unlock Maximum Winning Opportunities with Our Comprehensive Snooker Predictions

So how do you become a good break builder and heavy scorer?

O'Sullivan Retains Shanghai Masters Crown

My highest break is 44 and I have been trying for years to better this number but I seem to be getting lower that 44 breaks.

But I will definitely start practicing what I have learned from your video. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much Steadwick. I have since improved my game. Would you like to see additional videos like this one? What area specifically would you like to me to focus on?

Hi, Like your video with commentary very much. Thank you for the analysis of the thoughts and cue actions. Yes you sir are trying to answer the question: Very kind words and I really do appreciate it! Most def there is nobody like Ronnie.

Regarding point 2, in nearly every big break there is always going to be hard shots which will make or break the run. Breakbuilding is crucial to your success in snooker and other cue sports.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Straight to the point. Very useful advice and great practice routines, breaking down the elements of heavy scoring into workable chunks. Over the years I have practiced many isolated break building routines but this is a new one and I will try it. I just read the letter from the guy who inquired about simonis cloth on a snooker table.

It is no good on a snooker table, I believe it has no nap. They used it at last years Canadians and I am sure they will not use it again. How to win in snooker is a very interesting topic.

We currently see more and more bigger breaks and outstanding pots than in past decades. I think sometimes it compares to golf we watch on TV when players are seen constantly knocking balls on to the green within a few feet of the pin…well considering the average approach shot in professional golf is 22 ft from the pin tells us we are shown what viewers are interested in.

In our case it is constant hundred breaks. The great game of snooker has absolutely become so much more aggressive and awesome to watch. I would have to think that those learning the game might want to look at their snooker game in a wider spectrum than only point accumulation to win.

There are many more ways to win than just making more more points and that I believe that is one of the brilliant parts of this game. To win by playing shots that attack your opponents weaknesses is an option…an example; Your opponent tends to constantly leave his cue ball in neutral positions middle of the table , therefore he is exceptional using the blue to continue his break or getting back from a weaker position on the pink or black.

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Cue Action Mechanics, Defensive Game, Learning Snooker - How to Play, Snooker BreakBuilding, Snooker Coaching and Advice, Snooker Competency, Snooker Practice, Strategy & Tactics Everyone has their own theories on how snooker should be played. Snooker Picks (Predictions & Tips) One of the most beloved sport in the world is for sure the snooker. Our “Snooker Picks” page offers you odds of . The world's finest snooker stars have travelled to Bangkok seeking to capture the Six Red World title, with the action running from 3rd-8th September in the Thai capital.

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