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The Philadelphia Eagles had an unlikely cheerleader on Sunday night, with Tom Brady's ex Bridget Moynahan throwing her support behind the team and their quarterback Nick Foles. Her husband is competing for his sixth Super Bowl ring on Sunday. Nick Foles may have just led his team to a dramatic Super Bowl victory, but his adorable little girl very quickly stole the show and became the real MVP. Inside US Bank Stadium: NFL SUPER BOWL: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS VS PHILADELPHIA EAGLES

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Long-time gamblers might look at the Super Bowl 53 halftime bets and assume these are silly propositions that can't be analyzed in any logical fashion, so they should ignore them. That's a mistake I want to rectify in this article, because the these propositions offer some of the greatest disparities among all the Super Bowl wagers you could place. Below are just a tasting of what you can wager on at BookMaker. Fourteen years after his infamous performance with Janet Jackson, the "Can't Stop the Feeling" singer will take the halftime show stage Feb.

Currently working on his fifth studio album, this will mark Timberlake's third Super Bowl halftime performance, the most for any entertainer. That performance ended with a wardrobe malfunction, when Timberlake, ripped her costume to reveal her right breast bare except for a nipple shield. The wardrobe malfunction seen around the world caused the Federal Communications Commission to issue a five-second delay during all live performances on television.

Timberlake is currently working on his fifth studio album, which reportedly is inspired by his Memphis roots. There is one game each season that transcends sports.

It's an unofficial holiday. The day where every television network not broadcasting the game has already accepted that they simply aren't getting any viewers that day. It is also one of the biggest betting opportunities of the year. The Super Bowl is the ideal day, with hours of pre-game analysis, sportsbook odds, and commentary will certainly aid you in your decision to pick the Superbowl winner.

Sign up today at Bookmaker. The game is the most watched sporting event of the year, and bettors around the world flock to place money on a variety of Super Bowl betting choices. The Super Bowl is about betting choices, and there is a multitude to choose from when you talk about SuperBowl betting. One of the most over looked football bet and probably your last chance to make a football bet for the season is the superbowl halftime bet.

A lot of sports bettors often forget that halftime betting is available on the Super Bowl - Don't make that mistake. They allow the bettor to place a wager on the Super Bowl second half of the game after seeing a team's first half performance and give them a better chance at making a winning pick.

Public bettors prefer the second half because they often believe they have an edge because of what they watched happen in the first 30 minutes of a game. Professional sports bettors tend to play first halves more because those numbers are available for most of the week while second half numbers are available for only roughly 15 minutes. In certain cases where sportsbooks know that the public is going to go after a certain second-half side, the number will most likely be shaded towards the favorite.

Super bowl halftime bettor's also have a distinct advantage of knowing the exact weather, how the field is holding up, what players seem to be hobbled by injury and who has the momentum. Very rarely in the NFL do teams come out of the locker room and play entirely differently than they played in the first half. Live NFL Football betting odds. How to get sportsbook help. John Rigsby, 20, who is the son of Villanova basketball announcer Whitey Rigsby, was arrested and charged with vandalism for allegedly helping to flip over a car after the Eagles' victory.

Floyd Mayweather was the headline act as megastars from across the entire sporting spectrum attended one of the world's great spectacles, the Super Bowl, in Minnesota on Sunday night. The unidentified man was caught on camera carrying the stolen seat onto his American Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday, the day after the Eagles won it all.

And while Belichick is still keeping quiet, Butler's post did get a response from Tom Brady, who commented: You are an incredible player and teammate and friend. The call Rob Gronkowski made after her returned home from the Super Bowl on Monday to learn his house had been robbed while he was away in Minneapolis has been released.

Economists at Cornell University found an 18 percent increase in deaths among overs in areas which reach the NFL championship final, after studying data from to In the commercial, Alexa loses her voice while attempting to give information on the weather in the Texan city, prompting viewers to make the link. But Amazon has dismissed the speculation.

Dr Robert 'Bob' Stern, a once die-hard Patriots fan who now heads Boston's University's CTE research team, has reached the conclusion that nobody should play the game given what we know now. President Trump spoke of the 'big improvement' at last night's Super Bowl after no NFL players took a knee during the singing of the national anthem. Appearing on stage at a piano, Timberlake sang I Would Die 4 U as a video of Prince also singing the hit was projected onto a huge piece of white material inside the stadium.

Phil Basser, who turns next month, was at the U. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis with his family to watch his team win their first Super Bowl with a victory over the favored New England Patriots. The NFL's ratings were down 9. The adorable teen dubbed 'selfie kid' who claimed his fame during Justin Timberlake's halftime performance is now an internet meme.

Gisele Bundchen posted a picture of her comforting an emotional Tom Brady when he came off the field after his Super Bowl loss on Sunday at U. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. It is customary for the champion team to visit the White House after the game to meet with the president - but Malcom Jenkins, Torrey Smith and Chris Long have all said they will not be there.

Highly-anticipated movie trailers and commercials with famous faces like Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman are among the most talked about Super Bowl ads this year. Her husband is competing for his sixth Super Bowl ring on Sunday. And as his biggest fan, supportive wife Gisele Bundchen was not going to miss the big game. Halfway through his lackluster set on Sunday night, Timberlake performed a rendition of I Would Die 4 U on a grand piano while Prince's image was cast on a giant sheet inside the stadium.

They were first seen on a date in October of last year, after she announced her marriage separation in August. As the Eagles made their way to their first Super Bowl win, the year-old took to Instagram to share plenty of photos and videos of her three-year-old daughter, Vale, and her one-year-old son, Charley.

The year-old actor perfectly edited videos to show both the agony and the ecstasy of cheering on one of your favorite teams in the two short social media videos.

But it was a decidedly family friendly halftime show as Justin Timberlake returned to the Super Bowl on Sunday. Grim footage shows a man stooping down in the street to eat a mouthful of horse excrement as Eagles fans cheered him on in Philadelphia.

Carey Hart wants everyone to know that his wife is a trooper and he's proud of her. A CNN employee found the December after-action review of a simulated anthrax attack, marked 'For Official Use Only', in the seat-back pocket of a commercial airplane.

Pink brought her entire family to the game on Sunday in Minneapolis, including her little boy, Jameson, one, who was decked out in an adorable Eagles sweatsuit.

Despite an impressive performance in the Super Bowl, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski would not commit to playing next season in the wake of New England's loss to Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles had an unlikely cheerleader on Sunday night, with Tom Brady's ex Bridget Moynahan throwing her support behind the team and their quarterback Nick Foles.

Last night he proved himself right and behaved like a tantrum-throwing toddler, not bothering to congratulate to Nick Foles. She's a supermodel who has become a near-annual fixture at the Super Bowl, thanks to her husband Tom Brady being a star quarterback for the New England Patriots. Following the New England Patriots' loss to the New York Giants in , Gisele Bundchen had angrily defended her husband, blaming the team's receivers for the result.

Nick Foles may have just led his team to a dramatic Super Bowl victory, but his adorable little girl very quickly stole the show and became the real MVP. It all started with a selfie! Jeep in hot water over Super Bowl ad: Jay Ajayi is the Londoner loving life in Philadelphia Inside US Bank Stadium: Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots. Who will win Super Bowl 52?

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Jan 22,  · The Super Bowl is a mix of the predictable and unexpected in more ways than one. In the predictable column, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots making it out of the AFC reigns supreme. Feb 04,  · Fourteen years after his involvement in the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction at the conclusion of the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show, Justin Timberlake is back on the Super Bowl stage. Watch video · Will Justin Timberlake cover a Prince song during Halftime? (via Yes + (2/1) No (1/3) Those are not great odds, and it .

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