UFC 214 Cheat Sheet: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

Shelton gets back on his feet midway through the round but remains pressed against the fence. They were never going to be friends. At any given time, Cormier can perfectly articulate just about anything you'd ever want to ask him about Jones. Round 3 to Woodley , Tyron Woodley defeats Demian Maia via decision

Striking accuracy

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Woodley picked it up a bit in the second round. He knocked Maia down on two occasions but didn't jump on Maia and stayed away. Maia connected on a couple left hands but nothing that should deter Woodley from being more active. He looks tentative to engage, being fearful of getting taken down. Round 1 to Woodley Not a round to go down among the greatest in UFC history.

Maia didn't connect on a single takedown in seven attempts. The only action in the round was a short uppercut by Woodley which caused a big mouse under Maia's eye. Woodley needs to get it going. He has the speed and power advantage. Needs to use it. Up next, in the co-main event for the welterweight championship, Tyron Woodley defends against former middleweight title challenger Demian Maia. Woodley had hoped to fight Nick Diaz in his next defense, but instead will face the former middleweight title challenger.

With the bout just being announced at the end of June, Woodley and Maia will have only had about four weeks to prepare. But this should still be one of the best welterweight title bouts in recent memory in a battle of Woodley's power against the grappling prowess of Maia. Cyborg defeats Evinger by TKO at 1: An amazing performance by Cyborg.

It was a long, winding road for Cyborg to get to the UFC. And in her first title opportunity, she capitalized on it. She's the baddest woman on the planet and it's her division now. Round 2 to Cyborg , If you Evinger making it into the third round, you hit the lottery. Cyborg is blasting her with everything she's got and not only surviving, but moving forward and competing. Round 1 to Cyborg If you had Evinger lasting through the first round, you won the betting pool.

Cyborg showed why she is the hardest striker in women's MMA. While known for her striking prowess, Cyborg showed variety, going with the inside leg kicks, knees and high kicks. GIve Evinger credit for hanging in there by taking everything Cyborg threw at her, connecting on leg kicks, punches and scoring a takedown.

Evinger has to land something to make Cyborg respect her. Coming up next, in the first of three title fights, this for the vacant women's featherweight championship, Cris Cyborg goes up against Tonya Evinger. Germaine de Randamie became the first women's pound champion when she defeated Holly Holm by controversial decision at UFC A week after the fight was announced, Anderson had to bow out due to personal issues and Evinger got the call. Evinger , who was the women's bantamweight champion in Invicta, will be moving up 10 pounds.

She's one of the pioneers of women's MMA and fans have been baffled as to why she's never gotten the call from the UFC. Evinger is unbeaten in her last 11 fights and ready for battle in the biggest and toughest test of her year career. What an unbelievable fight as Lawler wins a narrow decision. The fight came down to the third round with Lawler taking the first and Cerrone the second.

Cerrone had won the first half of the round mixing up his punches and strikes. Lawler bounced back and the fight hung in the balance in the final minute. That's when Lawler poured it on throwing everything but the kitchen sink. A win puts Lawler back in the driver's seat to face the winner of the co-main event between Woodley and Maia. Cerrone has now lost back-to-back fights and a move back down to lightweight should be in the cards where he would be a top contender once again.

Started to find a home with the leg and high kicks. Lawler took a bit of a back seat as he expended a lot of energy in the first round. Expect the fireworks to continue in the third and final round. Lawler came out of the gates in the first round with a vengeance. He attacked Cerrone with a barrage of punches and knees but somehow Cerrone was able to hang on and survived. About two minutes left in the round, he surprisingly took Lawler down but the former champion got up.

Exactly what everyone expected. High pace and high energy. This is a fans dream fight. He backs away, and Knight goes to the feet. Lamas tags him, and Knight is rocked. Wobbly legs for Knight. Lamas picking his shots, seeing his chance to finish.

Blow after blow lands flush. Referee Mike Beltran letting it go, but Lamas is teeing off. Lamas steps on top and blasts away. Knight tough as they come, but this is over. Good call, and absolutely great work from Lamas. Jason Knight photos Records: Round 1 — Oezdemir with a kick to the leg and a few jabs before moving in tight.

Manuwa presses the action to the fence, and we work from there. Good dirty boxing inside. Oezdemir with a few shots in tight, and Manuwa is hurt.

Oezdemir sees it and chases and looks to tee off. Left hand lands flush, and Mnauwa is down. Oezdemir jumps on top and blasts away, and this is over. Jimi Manuwa via knockout punches — Round 1, 0: Volkan Oezdemir knocks out Jimi Manuwa to state case as title contender Photos: Jimi Manuwa photos Records: Round 1 — Lawler fires a big left right off the bat. Cerrone triying to grab a Thai clinch, but Lawler wants the finish early. Cerrone finally gets away and look at a possible takedown, but Lawler shoves him aside.

Lawler looks very powerful early. Back to the clinch, and Cerrone does land a nice elbow inside. Lawler answers back with a few big knees to the body. They break away, and Lawler still throwing bombs. Battle in the clinch. Lawler setting up big shots. Cerrone backs away and misses on a high kick. Lawler an absolute bully early on, and Cerrone finally gets inside on the takedown. Lawler works an open guard, and Cerrone tries to pass to side control.

He finally does and then gets to north-south. Back to side control. Cerrone again moves to north-south. Lawler on his feet. Cerrone with a high kick that partially lands. Front kick fro Cerrone. Round ends on the feet. Low kick from Lawler starts. Cerrone high kick blocked. Cerrone kicks the leg. Cerrone slips a right and delivers a left. He looks angey now. Side kick for Cerrone. He blocks a Lawler high kick. Lawler still throwing heat.

Cerrone trying to stay just out of range and counter. Another Cerrone high kick blocked. Leaping knee for Cerrone is short. Cerrone looking to counter, but Lawler very patient right now. Cerrone kicks the legs. Cerrone blocks a high kick and fires back four punches. Cerrone lands another two punches. Cerrone wants a takesown. Lawler slowing down on the aggression.

Cerrone side kick to the body. Cerrone flurries and strikes as Lawler covers. He pulls out just in time to miss the big counter. Round ends, and MMAjunkie gives it to Cerrone, Round 3 — Fight likely hangs in the balance. Cerrone asking the crowd for some noise.

Cerrone slips a big left. Lawler looks a little more intense right now. He just misses a huge left. Cerrone misses with a high kick. Big shots traded inside. Lawler is throwing with everything right now. Cerrone briefly has underhooks but has to back away.

Cerrone blocks a kick and fires a left. Lawler does land a nice right hand, but he misses this big left behind it. Cerrone thinks takedown but come sup short. He fakes another takedown. Side elbow from Cerrone. Another takedown attempt from Cerrone misses.

Cerrone high kick partially lands. He remains the busier fighter. Punches traded in tight, but Cerrone gets the best of it. Lawler moving forward, still looking for the power shot. Cerrone moving well and lands a knee. Big right for Cerrone. Cerrone sticking and moving. Lawler still wants the bomb. They work in tight. Lawler charging hard to close. They tee off at the end. MMAjunkie gives the final round to Cerrone, , and awards him the fight It is razor thin.

Two more rounds would have been amazing. Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision , , Recap: Round 1 — Low kick from Evinger met from a Justino left that drops her opponent. Evinger pops back up. Another low kick, and Justino again with a flurry that spins her opponent around. Evinger tries to drop to guard, but Justino pulls away. Back on the feet, and Evinger tries to rush inside, but Justino pulls way.

Right hand scores for Justino. She;s being patient and picking her shots. Justino with a low kick. Evinger seems to be a little more settled now. Spinning kick from Justino misses, and Evinger able to get inside. Justino defends against the cage. Evinger works a trip and gets another takedown, but Justino right back up. Low kick for Justino scores. Evinger misses a right hand. Justino complains of an eye poke on the break, and we get a timeout. Low kick from Justino. Justino just misses a high kick off of a scramble.

Evinger doing her best to stick and move, but Justino lands a right. High kick just misses. Evinger moves to get off the fence. Low kicks from Justino adding up. Big right from Justino in the final seconds. Knee scores at the bell. MMAjunkie gives the first to Justino, Round 2 — Justino with a low kick to start.

They trade low kicks. Justino easts a jab but delivers a counter. Evinger wants a takedown but eats a high kick. Justino delivers a stiff left. More right hands coming from Justino. Evinger not backing down. Low kicks continue to chop away at Evinger. Justino to the body and then upstairs. Evinger is throwing back, but Justino seems unconcerned. Justino slipping a jab and chops the legs again.

Justino landing with everything. Back into the clinch, but nothing there. Round 3 — Evinger still standing in the pocket, looking for options. Justino patient in her approach.

Right hand lands stiff. High kick just misses, and Evinger falls to the floor. Justino kicks the legs a bit and backs away. Spinning kick for Justino. Left hand over the top. Justino back to the leg and then the right hand.

Superman punch lands clean. Justino inside with knees. Evinger crashes to the floor. Punches finish the fight on the floor, and Justino is a UFC champion. Tonya Evinger photos Records: Round 1 — Woodley works laterally on the outside with his hands low. Maia paws the jab and shoots. Woodley defends agains the fence and thinks about the guillotine but lets it go. Maia desperate for the takedown and drives forward, but Woodley simply pushes him aside. That left eye is awful.

Maia is desperate for the takedown. Woodley looks incredibly calm. Maia briefly holds the leg and trips Woodley, but he simply spins and pops back up to reset. Maia standing in the center as Woodley moves on the outside. Have to think Maia will struggle to see a big right hand.

Some boos coming in, perhaps wanting Woodley to press. But Maia covering well on the right hands. Another shot from Maia pushes aside. Maia does land a stiff left, and Woodley pounds his own chin. Woodley showboating a bit with the winding arm and leg fakes. Round ends on the feet, and MMAjunkie gives it to Woodley, Woodley on the outside and does land a straight right up the middle.

Maia again lands the straight left, but Woodley answers with the right and drops his opponent. Back on the feet, and Maia is firing big shots. He uses a big right. He dives at the leg, but Woodley up to the challenge. Woodley with a right to the body A low kick sweeps Maia down. Maia desperate for the takedown, but Woodley continues to just turn and pull away.

Maia relentless in pursuit, but Woodley backing him away with a jab. Maia does land a nice left. He is scoring with those very now and then. Crowd getting restless again. Woodley trying to be patient. Maia now has blood trickling down his nose. He dives for the leg, but Woodley just too quick.

Maia keeps the pressure high, and Woodley launches the right. Low kick for Woodley. He winds up the right and throws the left. Crowd wants him to finish the job, but Woodley knows one mistake can cost him.

Right hand for Woodley. Crowd voicing their displeasure. Maia changes levels and is briefly deep on a double, but Woodley pushes him away. MMAjunkie gives the round to Woodley, He sends a right to the body. Maia drops down again, but Woodley just shoves him down and moves away.

The left hand scores for Maia, but Woodley is unfazed. Maia finally gets deep on a takedown, but Woodley simply sprawls out, hits the switch and scampers away. Maia constantly pressing, constantly trying to get inside, but Woodley just too quick as he moves away.

Another takedown attempt fails. Maia with a nice low kick on the restart. He lands an uppercut that staggers Maia, who also refuses to go away. Crowd continues to boo before the bell. MMAjunkie gives it again to Woodley, Round 5 — Maia gets deep on a takedown to start, but Woodley just battles it over and over and gets away. He simply will not be taken down. Maia continues to press forward. But Woodley is just putting on a clinic. Sneaky uppercut lands for Woodley.

The crows is absolutely hating this fight. With the wave over, they hold their cell phone lights up in protest. Pretty wild image, overall. More chants from the crowd. Maia with a left. Crowd boos like crazy at the close. Both fighters raise their hands. MMAjunkie gives the final round to Woodley, , and awards him the fight Demian Maia via unanimous decision , , Recap: Tyron Woodley stymies Demian Maia to retain welterweight title Photos: Demian Maia photos Records: Round 1 — Jones with a quick kick to the legs and then few crisp punches.

They continue to fight, but a pause comes in shortly after to restart. Jones in tight and lands a trip, but Cormier pops right back to his feet. Jones with kicks form range, pushing his opponent away. Cormier continues to move forward. He kicks the leg and lands a punch up top. Hand fighting from both, and Jones with a big knee to the body. Cormier just misses a big right over the top. Jones scores repeatedly with kicks to the legs and body.

Cormier moving forward and landing a few kicks of his own. Jones mixing in elbows up top. A straight right lands for Jones. Cormier walking forward and firing, but Jones getting the best of the exchanges for now. Jones with a few big lefts and then slips the counter. Big left does land for Cormier. Cormier with two more big punches, including a right, but Jones looks OK.

We finish on the feet. MMAjunkie gives the first to Jones, , just slightly. Round 2 — Front kick for Jones. Legs tied up briefly on a scramble. They pull away, and Cormier complains of a poke. We carry on, and Cormier is bleeding by the right eye. Leg kicks traded, and Cormier still throwing everything with power.

Cormier the aggressor, but Jones meets him with an elbow. Cormier misses a few left hands but lands the right. Jones with a few straight rights that score. Pull away, and Cormier wags his finger. Cormier blocks a high kick and shakes his head at Jones. Cormier gaining some confidence in there. Cormier tries to counter, but Jones reverses and nearly moves to the back. Cormier wisely scampers away. Jones retreating and using his range.

Cormier scores a big right over the top to close the frame. Very close, but MMAjunkie leans toward Cormier, Round 3 — Jones with a nice left to the body and several kicks to the legs. He just misses a big right over the top. More work to the body for Jones. Cormier walking through it all and looking to press. Jones with a knee in tight. Another scathing body shot for Jones. Cormier having success when he gets in tight, so Jones has to keep his range.

Jones continues to slip Cormier punches. High kick lands for Jones, and Cormier is in trouble. Leaping knee pushes Cormier to the floor.

Jones jumps on top and stats to punch away. The end is near, and Jones can sense it. Referee John McCarthy gives him every chance to recover, but this fight is over. Daniel Cormier via knockout strikes — Round 3, 3: Jon Jones knocks out rival Daniel Cormier in 3rd round to reclaim title Photos: Daniel Cormier photos Records: UFC Fight Night discussion thread.

UFC Fight Night weigh-in results: All clear for fireworks in The Cornhusker State. How to watch UFC today: Fight card, start time, online results, where to stream Dillashaw vs.

What are fight fans hoping for when Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz meet for a third time, and will it be enough to convince scores of viewers to pony up for the pay-per-view?

Check out the best social media posts from fighters and their lives outside of the cage in the past week. Mairbek Taisumov continued riding his big wave on Saturday, even if there was a major bump in the road to get there. Magomed Ankalaev had to have been thinking about redemption when he stepped in the cage Saturday in Moscow. Zabit Magomedsharipov has a perfectly simple reason for wanting to share the octagon with Chad Mendes.

Please enter an email address. UFC play-by-play and live results. Eryk Anders replaces Jimi Manuwa vs. What's the sales pitch for a third Liddell-Ortiz bout, and will fight fans buy it? MMA's week out of the cage: Jon Jones goes to UFC PI to handle 'business' Check out the best social media posts from fighters and their lives outside of the cage in the past week.

Mairbek Taisumov wants Kevin Lee, but says without visa, he may retire Mairbek Taisumov continued riding his big wave on Saturday, even if there was a major bump in the road to get there.

Zabit Magomedsharipov wants Chad Mendes because 'you've got to fight the best to become the best' Zabit Magomedsharipov has a perfectly simple reason for wanting to share the octagon with Chad Mendes. Newsletter Get the day's top stories Sign me up! Success Thanks for signing up.

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Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier square off in a much-anticipated bout for the light heavyweight title at UFC on Saturday. Menu ESPN. Scores. NFL; know about UFC , courtesy of ESPN. Find live UFC results, UFC fighter news, UFC videos, rumors, stats, rankings, and schedules on FOX Sports. Jul 29,  · deutschenrwerotikkontakte.tk's live coverage of UFC “Cormier vs. Jones 2” kicks off Saturday at p.m. ET from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. .

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