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Award amounts may vary, so students will not consistently win the same scholarship amounts. Better than a bookmark! The Utes have gone against their potential quarterfinal opponents, Oregon and Washington State, and I think they would love a third shot at USC, a team that beat them twice in the regular season. England Premier League Odds

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Trevor Booker: 'I'm pretty much a bigger T.J. McConnell'

As a former "Oaklander" going back to the 50's, and a graduate of Castlemont HS, then there was no such thing as soccer for kids and the youth soccer groups weren't even a thought in someone's minds. I will make it a point to do as the author of the article says and will venture a trip north to my old stomping grounds and check out this program.

In closing, thank you Ms. Markham for your very well written essay as you've made it come to life. It bogs is down from achieving the escape of enjoyment that fandom rewards us with.

Sports make statements β€” sometimes pretty loud and emphatic ones. Where it gets sticky and un-fun is when the statement is a bit more bold and demonstrative β€” albeit that it may be useful or not depending on how much you support the statement wrapped up in the news within the sport.

Standing or kneeling during the national anthem comes to mind. Sports reflects society and can impact change. There was a time where the overwhelming majority of fans preferred to leave well enough alone and enjoy their attendance of a spirting event without getting entangled with the addition and inclusion of blacks on in the lineup.

Sometimes politcal stances can be useful Youth sports are supposed to teach community values. You can call that political, but telling people to stop teaching values is naive.

Kids are going to learn something regardless of adult intent. I would rather that they learn an intended lesson on teamwork and how to compete within rules, rather than learn an unintended lesson on selfishness and how to win by cheat. There is a distinction between coaching and instructing.

Coaching involves skills instruction PLUS a degree of good values development and reinforcing. Nothing wrong with being a soccer instructor -- just that it's not true, fully-formed coaching that involves the pre-requisite commitment to good values. Many, and dare I say most, people that regard themselves as coaches even trained and licensed ones , are actually instructors since they overlook or forgo the instilling of good values that is central to true coaching -- and quite often they are very honorable, dedicated and effective soccer in their roles as instructors.

While we're at it, there's nothing wrong with being a soccer-sitter either Some of the most decent, invaluable contributors to the youth soccer development eco-system are soccer-sitters -- often well-meaning parents and neighbors who take on the challenge by default and because of their own good community values. Our beloved sport would be nowhere without soccer-sitters.

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Soccer AM – It’s Dance Off time! By Ben Green Last Updated: January 7, pm. All odds quoted are correct at time of publishing and subject to change. Soccer Las Vegas Odds, Betting Lines, and Point Spreads provided by, along with more soccer information for your sports gaming and betting needs. Soccer AM is a British football-based comedy/talk show, produced by Sky Sports. First broadcast in , the programme currently airs on Sky 1 and Sky Sports.

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