Check this box to receive an email notification when someone else comments on this page. For me, that is the left elbow, right block, or left wing. The substitute can enter the game after his teammate steps off the court and establishes a physical contact with him. If the score is tied at the end of playing time, an extra 2 minute period of time will be played. A team may play in two different age divisions. One of the Largest 3v3 Tournaments in the Country

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Building Your Three on Three Basketball Team To Win

Elect your go-to shooter when you must have a basket. It is important for your team to be well rounded as far as scoring, but you need that one guy you can count on to deliver when you need a bucket. Usually this should be your big man, as they shoot a higher percentage playing closer to the hoop. Move the ball around constantly to confuse the defense. Good ball movement is especially important in three on three basketball. The lane is generally going to be clogged, so moving the ball in and out will help open it up.

Crash the boards as a group to increase your second chance buckets. Even your small guys need to get in there and rebound to get those easy second chance baskets. Learn how to set picks and roll off of them. The pick and roll is vital to any great basketball team, and it is no different in three on three.

Make sure you pick often, and move after the pick consistently. Learn to space yourselves to maximize your open shots. Keeping space between you and your teammates is vital to getting open. Usually I just make L cuts or run from the corner to the other corner and then to the FT line. But honestly I have only little idea about off-ball offense.

If you're the type of guy who can score or is comfortable with the ball, the high post is a great place to be, particularly if there is someone else posting up on the block. You can get to the basket with a strong one dribble move or can rip through and pull up.

At the absolute worst, you can rip through, square up, and see any cutters, anyone posting up for the high-low or open shooters. If you're not the most comfortable with the ball, look to stay weakside on the opposite side of the floor away from the ball and crash the shit out of the glass when the shot goes up.

You stand a great chance of getting a ton of garbage buckets this way. You can also look to set screens on or off the ball for scorers. PS- As a former PG, thank you for asking this question! You'll make someone's time on the court, as well as your own, way more enjoyable as a result. League is the most intense and competitive. Also the hand off between 2 teammates at the top of the key is a nice play to get a 3 pt shot off.

Setting screens work best for man defense. For zone defense, If u got range, usually you can be open if you are around the 3 point wing or side 3 pt baseline. I've noticed that ball fakes are MUCH more effective in league play than pickup. People are on such high alert that they're way more likely to bite on a fake and commit to one side or the other or leave their feet.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. BasketballTips submitted 5 years ago by gethead. Want to add to the discussion? Make sure the ball handler has passing option next to him. A few suggestions that I've implemented into my game such that now driving is my go-to offensive mode: Before you start the drive, know where each one of your teammates is and where they're likely to go.

This takes decent basketball IQ but watching lots of 5v5 should give you an idea. Basketball is fundamentally predictable. Signup for our newsletter.

Experienced coaches are ready to answer your basketball questions! So, I can't wait to try this drill on them! Also, the passing and pivoting are also skills they need to practise more. Yow, - Sign me up for this one too. This is likely to help me as much as the spacing drills. You may have just saved me from hanging myself, or at least made the last part of the season more enjoyable.

I was just explaining to my kids the importance of moving without the ball. A lot of them complain that no one passes them the ball. I can't wait to try this drill. I "came up" with this drill a few weeks ago and have found it very good. Im coaching 10yo boys and it really does good for them.

Few players can't get to dribble all the time which is very good. We haven't been playing with dribble at all in the practices after the Christmas break and I'll go on with that for a while. Perhaps at some point allow a dribble or two.

For this drill, how can you control the kids staying as close to each other as possible the opposite effect of what the drill is intended just to complete a pass and win the game? I've tried many things with 6th graders to teach spacing and moving without the ball.

Hi Dave, I would recommend just creating a rule that says you can not be within a certain distance when catching a pass if it is causing a problem. For example, "The receiver of the pass can not be within 10 feet of the passer.

We also have a great spacing drill at this link: These drills are great and make my job alot easier to perform. We have introduced two variations - first, you must pass to a different player every 3rd time, as for some teams it was reduced to a 2x2. Also, to help teach protected dribbling and how to avoid double dribbles , we had a mandatory two dribble rule for every possession. But what a great drill to keep kids from standing around. Thanks for this drill.

I coach 6,7 and 8 year olds and have been trying to get them to move without the ball. If a few members of your team is playing this game by themselves because either they are more talented or understand how to get open, make them go touch a specific spot on the floor before they can receive the pass again.

Hopefully this could give another team member an opportunity to get open for a pass.

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Three on three basketball is a challenging way to play the game of basketball as it is played half court. As such, three on three basketball forces you to use teamwork in the half court set. Less of a premium is put on speed, and more on size and teamwork. Here is how to improve your chances at winning in three on three basketball game. a half court game of 3v3 with no dribbling allowed except while shooting a layup. Encourage squaring up to the basket, triple threat position and movement without the ball. play games to three (1 point per basket). If you have enough players make a mini tournament out of it with games at each half. Playing better 5v5 basketball (deutschenrwerotikkontakte.tkballTips) submitted 5 years ago by gethead I feel most natural playing 1v1 or 3v3 basketball, but when I play 5v5 basketball, it feels like a completely different game.

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