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Ryan Lee, thanks so much for your support! Light Heavyweight Win a Light Heavyweight title. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Do not drink a cup every hour youll feel so sick. Of course I googled boxing tips right after and your website came up in the first few search results. Various Steam Achievements

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Sep 21, View World Boxing Manager in the store Store page. Recent Announcements View All 4. December 9, - Aggroblakh. Build Submitted for Review! December 8, - Aggroblakh. World Boxing Manager is a game in which you develop and manage the careers of young, hungry boxers desperate for glory. You scout and recruit fighters from a pool of amateurs who come to train at your gym - it's up to you to decide who to mold into championship material.

Build their careers up in regional events until they are ready to make the leap onto the world stage and fight for world titles. Can you develop a world champion fighter capable of unifying all of the titles in his weight class? Try this game and find out! If this game looks familiar, it's because it is a VERY heavily upgraded re-imagining of a game I made for fun five years ago: Because it's a better game.

Kickboxing Manager had tons of flaws and balance issues which I had always meant to go back and address, but was never able to due to university and, later, start-up life getting in the way.

Now that I have a normal job, I've finally gotten the chance to redesign and redevelop the game from the ground up, allowing me to craft a spiritual sequel which is much deeper and more strategic both inside and outside of the ring.

Popular Discussions View All 2. Sep 25, 4: Sep 26, I owe it to you, your support means so much! If you bought it and can't play it you should still be able to refund it: Sorry for the confusion, but the game is released! Reason being Valve was kind enough to review my submissions really quickly.

It's my fault, I didn't realize that I would have to go through an approval process for builds and store pages, etc. But afaik there's nothing left for me to do but wait. There are domestic titles in the game, one for each continent. Your fighters actually can't even fight in worldwide organizations without first moving up the ranks in the domestic organizations. Thanks for the interest, and feel free to ask me anything else about the game! Ryan Lee, thanks so much for your support!

As of this comment, achievements are in and tested, and everything including trading cards has been submitted for approval. Might not make the tentative Dec 9 deadline, but shouldn't be more than a few days before release.

Ryan Lee Dec 8, 2: I can't wait for this!! I'm definitely buying it. Thanks for checking in! Share directly to my status. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. World Boxing Manager has been Greenlit and is now listed in the Steam store. For the latest information, purchase options, and discussions for World Boxing Manager, please see it on the Steam Store or in the Steam Community. If you really, really want to, you can continue to the Greenlight page. Information on this page may be out of date, since all the action has moved to the areas noted above.

Hey man i have the runs, so i didnt go to the gym but for some reason i feel like im lacking determination but i dont think there would be a point to head all the way out to the gym to constantly use the bathroom i think that would definitely disturb my workout, am i lacking determination for not going johnny?

I would probably wait to heal from the runs. Hey Johnny thanks for the awesome tips! I just dont understand how to pivot my feet when I punch,ive read all of your power punching articles,and ive been sliding my feet towards the punch so that my body is balanced when I rotate my body,this seems to hit alot harder than the old one legged way I used to punch,i just dont understand how to pivot.

Watch my youtube videos. I demonstrate the punching technique for the main boxing punches jab, cross, hook, uppercut. Exact same tips my dad tells me,! Felt like he was the one that typed this. This tips are really good and help alot. Thanks Johnny, this may sound odd, but I actually have used these tips for boxing ….. Virtually of course some are impossible but the training tips….

I have to tweak them but the ground rules are there and once you get the fundamentals down, it makes any training so much easier. I actually refer to this article in a blog I did. Thanks again and any time you are looking to box in down time, look us up. Warrior Instinct Nations and I promise no black eyes or broken noses.

If you have never heard of second life its a virtual world that mimics RL from stores to sports. Boxing, football and wrestling are huge there right now. Hi Johnny I just started boxing and I am on my 2nd week. I do wear eye glasses. I am considerin practice sparring without my glasses.

Do you think I can manage? Or is that not a good idea? I just want to know how to block punches for self defense. How well you manage depends on how bad your vision is without glasses. Please let me to know if I am a 36 year old than i had well trained, but can i attend any competition under my weight category?

Hi Pathy, 36 is not too old for boxing competition. What kinda effing gym do you go to they make you fight with out being ready?? I trained for 6 months before sparring. Pls whats d solution. Train at your pace. Your focus should be on learning as much as you can. Lifting weights and hitting the heavy bag does not make you an expert. Extend your arm as much as you need to land the punch. When throwing a punch the whole body should behind it, but should that movement from the ground up be sequential or simultaneous?

Feet move first, then legs, hips shoulders, and then the arm or should they happen at once? If you want to be real scientific…. But again…everything is basically simultaneous and then you can decide which direction helps you in regards to the core. I want to know that this thing happen with every one or i had done any mistake?

This is a very common complaint from those starting out to box. Sore knuckles or ruptured knuckle skin. Aside from the fact that your knuckles are not used to the impacts of punching repetitively, it is also possible that the padding in your gloves is too.

I suggest that you follow the tips on the above article, punch lightly at first. Also, try to find a glove with softer padding, many boxing apparel companies have introduced different padding technologies that helps soften the impact of heavy bag punching, especially on the striking surface of the knuckles.

I really feel blessed to found this site of yours. I love boxing so much. Thank you very much once again. This was very helpful tips but I dont if you do this but if you do how do you condition your knuckles to make them harder and bigger. I just came back from the boxing gym and I kinda got whooped by my coach ahaha because he wanted me to stop brawling in the ring and improve my defense.

Of course I googled boxing tips right after and your website came up in the first few search results. This page has some great advice, and I resonate with many of the tips you have put up. I had two questions though. One, according to my coaches and my sparring mates I lean in and so it is easier for the opponent to hit me in my face. Also do you consciously think about the combos you are going to throw out during a match or do you just let it naturally flow?

Jw how much experience do you have in boxing? Clearly you know your shit. Hope to hear from you soon man y. I just flow naturally when I spar, but it takes time to get to this level of comfort. In regards to making your hooks faster, you have to focus on activating your core to swing your arms rather than using your shoulders to swing your arms. I have seen a lot of different questions on here that are really good. Idk if my input could help but I have a really good coach and it works great because its just him and I.

We get to train one on one which helped me in the long run. Now going to another gym is a lot more fun. They act like theyv never seen it before. Then when I get an opportunity and see I got the opening for the power shot I stay on my toes just a bit helps me to stay lostened up a bit.

But when I throw my power shot I keep my fist lose till: I also swing from the hips. But I was tought not to be afraid to throw them jabbs. But if u can and are willing to take the time to learn it try switching it up and see how u feel and watch ur apponetand see the differents u get. And when u get good with both ull be kicken butt even more. I am so nervous about my first fight. Feel like i dont know what am i doing and sometimes so many things going on inside my mind.

I need to learn more. I also need a cornerman for my fight. I have started taking boxing training at age of I do boxing and other exercises in 1. I have developed half six packs and trying to achieve it in mr.

What should i do to achieve it? Hello there, i quit boxing from last year but i am thinking to return if someone provides me sponsorship through this site ,then i am sure that i would prove myself to be the complete fighter.

This will give you a chance of landing a power punch. And if you miss, you can at least stop the barrage for a few seconds while the ref breaks you apart. Share your thoughts with other boxers. Want your own comment image? Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. The 1 boxing training website since Techniques and tips for boxers, fighters, martial artists, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to learn how to box. This will allow you to get in more minutes of quality bagwork.

Drink lots of water. One cup every hour minimum! Make friends in the gym, be humble, and ask people for boxing tips. When another boxer beats you, ask him how he did it; you may be surprised at how helpful he might be at showing you your own weaknesses. Turn your whole body into the punch. Again, use your whole body instead of just the arms to punch. Throw short hooks, short uppercuts, and short rights but long jabs. Combo light and hard punches and use head movement to fake out your opponent.

Remember that the harder you try, they harder they will counter, and the harder you will get hurt. Never forget to go to the body. Try a jab to the head, and right hand to the body. Throw punch combos maximum. Breathe out when you punch and always look at your target when you punch.

Learn to keep your eyes open during the heat of the battle! Let your hands go! Keep him thinking and keep your eyes open for more punching opportunities. Stay calm and never stop breathing. Hold your hands high, elbows low, and move your head. Think of yourself as a matador pivoting out of the way as the bull misses.

Establish your ground and defend it with hard counters. Interrupt his combos and hit him! Too many speedy fighters get caught up in trying to block all the oncoming punches that they never get to counter. Nice guide…But I have a question..

Greets from Germany Chris. Nice fighting tips it makes me think twice when I am in the ring. The amount of gas inspired or expired with each breath. Wow Matt, I think you know more about the science of breathing than I do.

Hi Barry, have you checked out my article on how to setup hooks to the body? Do not drink a cup every hour youll feel so sick. Click on my name if you want to learn about my boxing background.

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Hey, I'm looking for some guidance on how to start. Pretty much anything that could help me get my first reasonably succesful fighter. I've had 6 fight so far, record , usually i get paid My boxer didn't improve any of his stats so far, though i didn't even hire any trainers yet (my idea was. Steam Workshop: Greenlight. World Boxing Manager is a game in which you develop and manage the careers of young, hungry boxers desperate for glory. You scout and recruit fighters from a pool of amateurs who come to train at you. The Online Boxing Manager (OBM) is a free strategy-based browser game from the fascinating world of sports. Coach your fighters and manage their careers, while .

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