NHL Box Scores?

Brent Seabrook abdomen was able to practice on Sunday. However, claiming Hooters exploits attractive women is as ridiculous as saying the NFL exploits men who are big and fast. Who would win in a brawl? Scores for September 16, 2018

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Resources typically describe chunks of data that can be identified by a unique key. Collections are simply wrappers that contain similar resources.

So, for instance, if we need to retrieve data about a single league, we might ask for a League Resource and provide a single league key. However, if we wanted data across several leagues, we would ask for a Leagues Collection and provide multiple league keys.

As mentioned, Collections are simply groups of Resources. If you care about particular Resources within a Collection, you can apply filters to the Collection to narrow the results. The most common type of filtering is by key. Some Collections support more complex filters. Within a game, for example, you might ask for only the players that play a certain position. You could also request only the particular user who is currently logged in:. Resources will typically define a list of valid Sub-Resources.

These are Resources and Collections that can live within the scope of the parent Resource. For instance, a fantasy league in the Football draft and trade games can contain up to 20 fantasy teams; therefore, the League Resource can have a Teams Collection as a sub-resource.

You would only have a singular Resource as a sub-resource of another Resource if it would only make sense to ever ask for one instance of that Resource. Further filters could then be applied to this already narrowed list. Having sub-resources allows you to chain together Resources and Collections to provide more data, and the URI you request directly specifies how the chaining works. For instance, if you wanted to take a particular logged in user, see which games he had played, and then get the league information within those games, you might construct a request like:.

This would present you with a Users Collection , a single User Resource for the logged in user, a Games Collection for that user, potentially multiple Game Resources for each game the user is playing, a Leagues Collection beneath each Game Resource, and potentially multiple League Resources for each league the user belongs to in that game.

Therefore, the sub-resources available to a Collection will be equivalent to the sub-resources available to the corresponding Resource. If you ever need to branch off other sub-resources outside of your main resource chain, you can use the out parameter, which will let you specify one level of extra sub-resources to pull in.

At the moment, you cannot pass any parameters along to these out sub-resources, aside from any data that might get passed by default. Parameters can be provided to Resources and Collections as semicolon-delimited key-value pairs. Resource keys, out parameters, and other filters are just specific types of parameters that can be applied to various Resources or Collections. With the Game API, you can obtain the fantasy game related information, like the fantasy game name, the Yahoo!

As of the seasons, the Plus and Free games have been combined into a single code. Below is a list of game IDs for most of our seasons of each game. With the Games API, you can obtain information from a collection of games simultaneously. Each element beneath the Games Collection will be a Game Resource. Any sub-resource valid for a game is a valid sub-resource under the games collection. The games collection can have filters such as the following to obtain a subset of a games collection that satisfy the filtering condition.

These filters can be combined to obtain a more restricted list of games. In addition to the sub-resources valid for a game resource, the following are valid sub-resources for a games collection. When users join a Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, or Hockey draft and trade game, they are organized into leagues with a limited number of friends or other Yahoo!

With the League API, you can obtain the league related information, like the league name, the number of teams, the draft status, et cetera. A particular user can only retrieve data for private leagues of which they are a member, or for public leagues. With the Leagues API, you can obtain information from a collection of leagues simultaneously.

Each element beneath the Leagues Collection will be a League Resource. Subban , Nashville Predators. Rasmus Dahlin is excited to finally put the Sabres sweater on and expresses his emotions when he heard his name called first in the NHL draft. NHL , Buffalo Sabres. Are you sure you want to hide this video? Vasilevskiy stops 32 shots, Lightning beat Flyers Rask rarely tested, Bruins score 3 in 2nd to beat Jets Price stops 31 shots as Canadiens top Maple Leafs again, There are no shootouts in the playoffs, just continuous OT periods, until someone scores.

No it just keeps going untill someone scores The Shootout is the funnest way to break a tie. To bad they don't have the shootout in the playoffs.

Goal rule in NHL hockey? Why do hockey rules promote fighting vs skills? Question about two nhl hockey rules? NHL hockey rules unusual situation? Answer Questions Is it uncool to be an equipment manager? Will the CHL be able to continue to countenance fighting?

Who will be the next Captain of the Toronto Maple Leaf s? Is it uncool to be an equipment manager? Who would win in a brawl? Canadian hockey fans or British football fans? Do Canadian hockey fans do crazy things at games?

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Comprehensive National Hockey League news, scores, standings, fantasy games, rumors and more. The official source for scores, previews, recaps, boxscores, video highlights, and more from every National League Hockey game. deutschenrwerotikkontakte.tk is the official web site of the National Hockey League. Play Yahoo Fantasy Hockey for Cash Prizes. Join one of our $20, $50, $, $, or $ leagues. ($ coming soon) Win up to $6,

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