20 Personal Security Tips to Implement During Elections

Parties, including organised dance parties on islands off the coast of Sihanoukville as well as in other locations, may place you at risk of sexual assault, robbery, injury, arrest, and lost belongings, including travel documents. Although relations between the two countries concerning the border have improved, you should take extra care when travelling in this area, and follow the instructions of the local authorities. It is very needful that during election period, you wrap up all you have to do before late night. This is because if you do, you might be stepping one the toes of people who may want to be harmful. Please it is needful that you take to these election security tips to the latter. Subscriptions

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Safety Guidelines During a Demonstration or Protest Situation While most protests are peaceful demonstrations, the unfortunate truth is that some are not. Any public gathering can lead to collective violence (looting, vandalism, etc.), injury and/or arrests if heightened emotions are involved/5(K). Be safe in the field with these canvasser safety tips. Canvassing can be dangerous, as it requires that you approach strangers in what is often unfamiliar terrain. There are also two very prominent dangers to the grassroots canvasser, namely loose dogs and confrontational people. Below is a short. Canvassing Lessons from A Seasoned Door-knocker This very hot and muggy Saturday morning, I joined many other volunteers in Medford to knock doors and talk to voters about Elizabeth Warren, candidate for United States Senate.

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